NRI youth arrested for painting Swastika Graffiti

Jasskirat Saini, a 20-year-old was arrested at Nassau Community College and charged in connection with a string of racist graffiti incidents at the Long Island, New York school over the last two months.

A Daily Caller report said quoting BC7 that swastikas were first found at Nassau Community College on a men’s bathroom Oct. 15 and later that month several more were found. In December there were two more incidents of swastika graffiti. Nassau County police found Saini writing two swastikas Dec. 21 on the exterior of a building and “KKK” on the floor of another. Saini is being charged with aggravated harassment and according to ABC7 the charge is in connection with 110 anti-Semitic drawings.

Police on Long Island say they have arrested a student in connection with a spate of racially-charged graffiti, including swastikas, at Nassau Community College. Nassau County police say 20-year-old Jasskirat Saini, of Plainview, was arrested Tuesday on charges of aggravated harassment.
Police say the man scrawled swastikas and KKK at two campus buildings on Tuesday. Earlier this month, police say swastikas were discovered written in black ink on a handrail and a wall on the campus. And in October, police say swastikas were written on the walls and urinals in various men’s rooms. One location also included an anti-Semitic comment. Saini is expected to be arraigned in Hempstead on Wednesday.

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