New Jersey Chapter Of AAPI Holds Annual Convention 2022

The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin’s New Jersey chapter (AAPI-NJ) held its annual convention gala October 8, 2022, at Imperia in Somerset. Attendees also marked the occasion for celebrating the Festival of Lights – Diwali. More than two hundred guests attended the program, per Dr. Pradip Shah, President of AAPI-NJ. 

Other attendees included Dr. Hetal Gor, RD of AAPI, Dr. Atul Prakash, Vice President of AAPI-NJ, and Dr. Pooja Patel, Secretary of AAPI-NJ and Dr. Jayesh Patel, Treasurer of AAPI-NJ. Several speakers addressed the gathering including Congressman Hon. Frank Pallone Dr. Pradip Shah, Dr. Sudhir Parikh, advisory board member of AAPI-NJ. 

Dr. Pradip Shah outlined the vision of the AAPI-NJ which included but was not limited to, Continuing Medical Education seminars for members, community service included donating blankets, supporting, and helping soup kitchens, and assisting international medical graduates get residency, disease awareness and prevention, women’s health, and encouraging the younger generation of doctors to join the AAPI events. 

Congressman Frank Pallone also outlined the importance of the Indian American community in the U.S. and thanked physicians for their hard work during the pandemic. “We are really trying really hard in Congress to spend money and be up to date for another crisis,” Rep. Pallone said, to have the research and the ability to deal with the crisis better than before. 

Congressman Pallone also said the U.S. Congress is concerned about heart health in the South Asian community, and that he and others are trying to get the bill on this matter passed through the U.S. Senate. It has already been passed through the House of Representatives recently. Dr. Parikh said.  when he was involved in establishing the India Caucus in Congress and how Rep. Pallone was involved in co-founding it. for celebrating Diwali. General Secretary of AAPI-NJ, Dr. Pooja Patel, said “We are looking forward to carry forward the work done by NJ state AAPI.” She encouraged younger physicians to join the organization

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