‘Masterchef India’ Adds Healthy Twist To Culinary Art With Nutritionist Pooja Makhija

Featured & Cover Masterchef India’ Adds Healthy Twist To Culinary Art With Nutritionist Pooja Makhija

The new episode of the cooking reality show ‘MasterChef India’ sees renowned nutritionist Pooja Makhija gracing the kitchen. She introduces a challenge that tests the culinary talent of the contestants and adds a nutritional dimension to their creations.

The ‘Health Challenge’ will require contestants to create a healthy dish by incorporating essential elements like fibre, vitamins, protein, and carbs. There’s also a mid-challenge twist awaiting them as they will need to incorporate two more ingredients in their dishes – moringa leaves and flaxseeds.

Talking about the challenge, Pooja said: “Bringing the ‘Health Challenge’ to the ‘MasterChef India’ kitchen has been incredibly rewarding. It was exciting to witness the passion these home cooks exhibited while balancing the nutritional aspects of their creations. The challenge was a reminder that great cooking goes beyond taste – it is about nourishing the body as well.”

Amidst the challenge, contestant Kriti Dhiman finds herself in a tricky situation as incorporating dark chocolate proves to be a daunting task for her.

Sharing her experience, Kriti said: “Working with dark chocolate was definitely a challenge. Its intense flavour required a delicate balance to ensure it complemented the overall dish. This challenge has taught me the importance of experimenting with diverse ingredients to create a balanced blend of flavours.”

‘MasterChef India’ on Sony LIV. (IANS)

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