It is Time to Go Back, Only to Move Forward in Time

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Prayagraj Hule is a renowned Vedantic Scholar. He recently concluded a 5-dayseries on self-help at the International University of Vedic Wellness in Streamwood, IL.

His talks resonated with people across Chicago land, leaving a profound impact onthe youth and individuals of diverse backgrounds. This universal message transcended race and religion, offering knowledge that spoke to the shared human experience.

In collaboration with the University, Prayagraj will offer youth and adult retreats in 2024 as well as online sessions throughout the year. For more information contact Aparna Kulkarni 847-306-7616 or [email protected].

Unearthing Human Nature

Vedanta is a science which deals with human beings. An encyclopedia which has the compilation of subtlest thoughts related to human relationship with the Transcendental Self. Rendered by, several enlightened sages of India. These great people dedicated their lives thousands of years ago to reflect upon the mystery of human origin, purpose of living and constitution of human inner nature. The effort of such crystalline contemplation culminated in the Vedanta philosophy, which decoded the apogee of happiness. Present day humans are disconnected with their roots and live in ignorance about this state of Bliss.

The Labyrinth

Today, the world over alma maters and mushrooming educational institutions are priming students with a lot of data. No doubt valuable to earn wealth and mark the material progress of nations. But limit the young in their rational approach and application of the knowledge provided. Very few truly implement the knowledge gained. The rest just follow a beaten pattern to work. Consequently, the young become victims of contemporaneity pressure. Affliction is arising out of work culture and impending personal perils caused by a lack of clarity of balancing their work and professional life.

The Unrestrained Mind, the Ignorance of Intellect

The youth are unaware of Vedantic education. People hence find themselves tormented by the pernicious traits of an ungoverned mind. The lack of higher values absent in present day education has made humans weak. They find challenges in life difficult to handle, mostly, amongst well-educated and the rich. Depression and stress-related ailments have risen to alarming proportions. Divorce has reached record-breaking numbers worldwide.

The human mind turns malignant when left unattended to make decisions by itself in the absence of the intellect. As a result, greed has led to decadence in society. Humans have turned greedy to amass ill-gained wealth and devour millions, billions, without paying any heed to others living juxtaposed in denial. Ultimately, the greedy only find themselves isolated and lonely.

The Problem Lies Elsewhere

Knowledge gained from universities has no doubt raised the standard of human living, made people wealthy and indulgent. But are they happy? By their own admission people have lost their morals, peace and cheer. Standard of life has deteriorated to a substantial level.

The lack of Vedantic knowledge also makes it difficult for individuals to unravel one’s true aptitude. As a result, few flourish in their natural field of work. Others experience work as a burden, instead of finding it a source of pleasure and joy. Vedanta brings in clarity to discover one’s aptitude and subsequently identify a suitable field of work. One then finds success by employing the right technique of action guided by the intellect. When work becomes a pleasure, so does the working environment.

Live to Give

Giving should be preceded by thinking. Take a look at the charity structure in the world. Ideally, it should be the confluence of feeling and thinking to give the society punctiliously. A true philanthropist will initiate research if wealth gives charity, and has resolved a whirlwind of present predicaments.

Corporation’s today have started charity enclaves, urged by the government to be socially responsible. But has this changed the mind-set of people? Seldom has the donor looked into the effect and effort of organizations and hence the persisting quandaries in the world still remain recurring. Genuine philanthropists share their wealth. But most charitable entities are unable to reach the bottom of the problem. Applying balm to a wound is calming. But that will not help in getting to the source of the disease. True charity is supposed to lift a person spiritually. Make one independent to progress along with others. Not make them dependent and selfish, lethargic and diseased. Remember, “Candent living brings forth Prudent giving”.

The Time is Ticking

Few care about Vedantic intellectual education. An education is beyond the precincts of secular education provided by schools and universities. The educated should mull over the recent graph of wars, poverty, crimes, rapes, stress, divorces… These unfortunate escalations of events have gripped all families in the world. Even children are not spared, as crime perpetrated on children is on the rise.

Pressure on children has led them not to cooperate with parents and educators. Eager to leave homes, the moment they reach the periphery of youth. Therefore, the necessity of bringing in a value system alongside secular education in society should be implemented imminently. The good and spiritual side of humans has to be tapped. The negative will then slowly diminish. Vedanta impacts an individual to harness one’s mind. By imbibing its knowledge, you gain intellectual clarity. This then creates collectively awakened human beings to be more affable and reaching out. There is a saying: “You cannot reach God unless you serve & love the expressions of God”.

For the Youth

The future of every country is the power of youth. Parents must pause for a moment and look behind at the legacy they leave, Asian families in recent times a tradition of debts. Westerners, a tradition of separation is in relationships, angst in their behavioral habits and pills to pop anxiety. This directly affects every child.

The youth get influenced by any one higher in stature. They want to emulate everything their icons do. It is hereby the responsibility of all leaders to leave trails of culture and wisdom that follows sound intellectual reason. Social media has become the death knell of values, a harbinger of sorrow. A disorder which is the eating up concentration of youth and even adults. Use it to evolve, benefit others, but don’t get abused by it, harm others and devolve!

An effort has to be made to save the youth. Leaders need to plan a paradigm shift in education. An awakened person would leave behind a cleaner world and not unresolved filth for the young to remove. Albert Einstein made an apt, wise statement: ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’. Oh folks! Isn’t it time to wake up? Awaken the intellect with the knowledge of Vedanta.

It is hence time to go back only to move forward in Time.

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