Indian-Americans Launch New Hotel Franchise Promising Better Terms To Hoteliers

A group of experienced Indian American hoteliers, who have dealt with franchises for over 50 years, launched their first-ever Indian American hotel franchise named Membership Hotel Organization, MHO Hotels, Feb. 16 at Royal Albert’s Palace in New Jersey. The event was attended by 100 invited guests and many others via Zoom, a press release from MHO said.

The motto of MHO Hotels is “We do better together” and its mission is to help hotel owners become successful by reducing overhead costs and increasing their revenue. MHO chairman C.Z. Patel briefed those at the meeting about the new organization.

A group presentation moderated by Joe Johal was part of the event. The panelists included founder/CEO and president Mahendra Z. Patel, CTO Pratic Patel and senior vice-president and COO Keshin Patel.

The event was attended by India’s Consul General in New York Randhir Kumar Jaiswal, Deputy Consul General Shatrughna Sinha, Albert Jasani, owner and CEO of Royal Albert’s Palace/ TV 9 and MHO Hotels franchise advisory board chairman; and H.R. Shah, CEO/chairman of TV Asia.

Attendees congratulated and extended their best wishes to the MHO Hotels board officials for their new endeavor. Executives from the current and past Asian American Hotel Owners Association, New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association and Fair Franchise Initiative were among the other invited guests at the event who expressed their support for this initiative.

A detailed presentation on why hotel owners should join MHO Hotels was made by executive board members, according to the press release, which added that some of the benefits discussed were to include no hidden fees, no logo requirements, no need to purchase overpriced items from approved vendors, no liquidation fees and no long-term contracts which can save hotel owners from high franchise costs and increase their profits.  Dr. Tushar Patel served as the emcee and DJ/singer Rakesh Raj provided entertainment for the evening.

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