GIC Celebrates Independence & Chandrayaan Day

Global Indian Council President PC Mathew presided over the meeting, and the Global General Secretary delivered a detailed welcome speech. Dr. Gopinath Muthukad as the Chief Guest and Dr. Jija Madhavan Hari Singh IPS, Rtd. (Global Goodwill Ambassador of GIC)graced the event with their valuable presence. “Conquering the Moon Mirrors Our Journey as a Nation Marked by Determination, Challenges, Perseverance, and the Pursuit of Excellence,” a global news reporter stated with emphasis.

The meeting began with Kumari Krystal Shajan (New York) singing the American National Anthem, followed by the Indian National Anthem by sisters Aditi & Ananya from Kerala, who won popular awards and applause from the Flowers channel music competition in its 1st phase.  

Chief guest Dr Gopinathan Mudukad addressed the gathering as the audience were awaiting to hear from the World famous Magician who turned into a Philanthropist. He expressed his happiness and endorsed the achievement of Chandrayaan 3 mission and the achievement of India from its independence in 1947. 

He prolonged his speech that Independence is complete in its entirety when all the humans around are also independent in all aspects. He was mentioning about the differently abled population of India who are still not recognized by the world community. The social stigma about disability has to go away and society should accept them without bias. 

A considerable percentage in India’s population has some kind of disability which is unnoticed by many. Children should be educated to take this invisible majority. He announced the opening of the Different Arts Center at Thiruvananthapuram on August 27, 2023, wherein 300 differently abled children are enrolled, and appreciated Global Indian Council for its vision and missions.

Global Goodwill Ambassador of GIC, Dr.Jija Madavan Harisingh IPS, former DGP of Karnataka, on her Independence Day message emphasized that it is an honour to come before the GIC community. She continued in her detailed and eloquent statement that “Today, we come together in excitement, not only to celebrate our cherished Independence Day but also to commemorate a remarkable milestone in our nation’s history” Chandrayaan- 3, the Indian Moon Mission. 

As we unfurl the tricolor flag of India, we are reminded of the sacrifices, struggles, and indomitable spirit that culminated in our independence on August 15, 1947. Our celebrations today go beyond the boundaries of our nation. Our global Indian community is connected not only by our heritage but also by our aspirations for a better future. Just as our forefathers dreamt of an independent India, our scientists and engineers at ISRO dared to dream of reaching the lunar surface. 

And they achieved it! India’s historic journey to the moon is a testament to our unwavering commitment to be global! Congratulations to ISRO for reaching new heights in space exploration!💕Chandrayaan-3, with its orbiter, lander, and rover, at a frugal cost of only 75 million dollars, which is much lower than what other countries have spent on missions, and less than half the cost of even a Hollywood movie.

As we celebrate our nation’s moon mission, we also observe the indomitable spirit of inquiry and innovation that defines us as Indians. Our journey to the moon mirrors our journey as a nation” marked by challenges, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence. Just as our freedom fighters did not waver in their commitment to a free India, our scientists did not falter in their quest for lunar conquest. They teach us that with determination, the sky is not the limit! Today, let us pledge to carry forward this same spirit of innovation. Let us remember that as global Indians, we are not bound by borders; we are bound by our shared values and aspirations. 

We have the power to make a positive impact on the world, just as India’s moon mission has! In conclusion, as we celebrate India’s Independence Day and the remarkable Chandrayaan-3, let us remember that our heritage is a source of strength, our diversity is a source of unity, and our dreams are a source of inspiration. Together, as a global Indian community, we can continue to reach for the stars and achieve greatness.

GIC Cabinet members Prof.Joy Pallattumadom VP, Adv Yamini Rajesh Associate Secretary,Tom George Kolath -Associate Treasurer, Adv Susan Mathew – Compliance officer, Adv Seema-Public Relations Officer,  Dr. Mathew Joys – Media & Publicity felicitated the event and expressed their congratulations on the successful mission of chandrayaan 3. 

The following chapter Presidents/CoE chairperson and members also felicitated the event. African Chapter president – Dr Mohan Lumba, NY chapter president – Dr. Anil Paulose, Andrews Kunnuparampil, Health & Wellness CoE – Dr Jacob Eapen, Usha George, Marginalized Community: Dr Narayanankutty, Education & Literature: Prof VC John, Travancore chapter: Prof KP Mathew, Cinema & Visual media Red Carpet: Komal Kothari, Sunil Hali & Trilok Malik, Vani Madula, Woman empowerment chairs: Sosamma Andrew, Dr. Alice Mathew, Business: Elizabeth Paulose, Arts&Culture: Minku Buttar, Deepa Mohandoss from the Canada chapter, Eminent community leaders like Kallikkadu Babu, and Alex Koshy also felicitated the event.

Tom George Kolath Ass. Treasurer greeted all with Independence Day wishes and also shared our gratitude to “ISRO chairman Dr. Somanath, all the scientists, and teamwork and contributions to Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji. Unity and diversity are our strength. We remember all our freedom fighters and all the leaders who started the footwork of this research and developments of our great nation India.” Tom also gave a Vote of thanks and thanked the chief guest, cabinet, emcees, performers, and all participants.

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