FIIDS Urges Biden to Include Proven Dreamers in New Immigration Strategy Amidst Persistent Green Card Backlogs

Featured & Cover FIIDS Urges Biden to Include Proven Dreamers in New Immigration Strategy Amidst Persistent Green Card Backlogs

On June 19, the Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies (FIIDS) urged President Joe Biden to include “proven dreamers” — spouses of green card applicants who have been backlogged — and children of long-term visa holders in his new immigration strategy. FIIDS highlighted that hundreds of thousands of spouses of lawful permanent residents are currently on extensive green card waitlists due to the 7% country-wise quota, yet they are excluded from Biden’s immigration policy.

FIIDS emphasized that children of these lawful permanent residents, who were educated in the US, face significant challenges as they age out of eligibility at 21. They argue that these children, who have grown up in the US and are considered dreamers, should not be subject to restrictive immigration policies just because they are here legally.

The Indian-American organization has called on President Biden to support the spouses of lawful permanent residents stuck in the H-1B visa backlog, which has lasted for more than a decade. FIIDS advocates for these spouses to be able to file for their own green cards and obtain work permits (Employment Authorization Documents, or EADs) independently of their spouse’s employment-based green card status.

Additionally, FIIDS proposes that the children of these backlogged green card applicants should be granted immediate employment authorization (EAD) based on their educational qualifications. According to FIIDS, implementing these policies would help keep families together and enhance their ability to contribute to the US economy.

FIIDS has also launched a petition to support this cause.

In a recent policy announcement, President Biden introduced the possibility of citizenship by marriage for non-citizens who have lived in the US for at least ten years and are married to US citizens or permanent residents, as well as their offspring. FIIDS expressed their gratitude to Biden for this policy.

President Biden announced that spouses of US citizens who have resided in the US for ten years or more can now apply for expedited citizenship. Additionally, children of undocumented immigrants who complete postsecondary education will have the opportunity to apply for work visas and eventually obtain permanent residency. FIIDS praised Biden’s initiatives, stating, “We applaud President Biden’s efforts to foster family togetherness and boost the economy, as well as his dedication to maintaining the stability of American households.”

Despite these positive developments, spouses and children of green card applicants currently experiencing a backlog are not eligible for the newly announced legal status. These individuals continue to face the challenge of the significant green card backlog.

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