Educate Teachers and Classmates About Sikhism

As summer ends and our children head back into classrooms across the country, the Sikh Coalition aims to bring awareness to the educational resources at your disposal; these resources can educate teachers and non-Sikh classmates about Sikhism over the course of the upcoming school year.

The Sikh Coalition engages policymakers at the state and federal level and works with educators across the country on school standards, curriculums, Sikh awareness initiatives, and anti-bullying work. More than anyone, we understand that parents remain the first and best line of defense for protecting and supporting our children in school. The resources we developed are explicitly designed for you.

“Who are the Sikhs” Posters & Postcards – This poster and 5×7 postcard provides your classroom with an overview of basic Sikh beliefs and fun facts about Sikh Americans. These posters are fantastic displays to provide visible awareness in your child’s classroom and an excellent introductory conversation starter for children of all ages. To request posters or postcards, please [email protected] with your name, address, quantity and where you intend to display the posters (or distribute the postcards).

“The Sikhs” Brochure – This brochure provides greater detail than the poster and is an excellent resource for teachers and administrators in your school that want to learn more about the Sikh faith and community. They can be handed out at your first parent/teacher conference or when you’re stepping into a school function. This brochure are also available in 14 different languages, including Spanish. To have brochures mailed to you, please email [email protected].

“How to Tie a Patka Handout” – This handout is ideal for use in classrooms to help demystify the patka and kesh for teachers, students and parents alike. It also helps ensure that a teacher will be able to assist in tying a patka, should it come loose during the day.

Educational Video Content – This series of videos, in addition to the recent education videowe developed with the Fresno County Board of Education, provide an array of additional content for children in all grades. Take a minute to check out the videos and then think about approaching your educators about screening these videos in classrooms.

Teacher Appreciation Day Toolkit – This toolkit is intended to help you organize a “Teacher Appreciation Day” at your local gurdwara. The goals of the event are to highlight Sikh awareness, build relationships with local teachers, and inform school officials of school bullying concerns.

If your child encounters a problem at school related to school bullying, please don’t hesitate to contact our Legal team, [email protected], for support.

Over the next several months the Sikh Coalition will be rolling out several new initiatives related to education and bullying prevention in our schools. The partnership with parents, as we all work on behalf of our children, remains critical and we look forward to continuing this work together in the school year ahead. As always, the Sikh Coalition urges Sikhs everywhere to practice their faith fearlessly.

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