Dr. Rajesh Mohan Wins Republican Primary  in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District

Featured & Cover Dr Rajesh Mohan Wins Republican Primary  in New Jersey's 3rd Congressional District

Dr. Rajesh Mohan, an experienced physician leader and a successful entrepreneur, humbly accepts his victory in the Republican Primary for New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. Dr. Mohan will now face a Socialist Democrat Herb Conaway, in the upcoming November election.

Dr. Rajesh Mohan is the first Indian-American and first Physician to have won the Republican nomination from New Jersey for US Congress.

Dr. Rajesh Mohan’s candidacy is built on a vision of a stronger, more secure America. With a distinguished career as a quadruple board-certified interventional cardiologist with an MBA and a proven successful track record of leadership, Dr. Mohan brings a wealth of experience, passion and a commitment to public service.

“I am honored and grateful for the support I have received from the residents of NJ’s 3rd Congressional District,” said Dr. Rajesh Mohan. “I am determined to bring solutions to our nation’s critical issues. Unlike my Socialist Democrat opponent’s support of open borders and illegal immigration, I will work to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration. Unlike my Socialist Democrat opponent, I will make healthcare patient-centric, not profit-centric and decrease healthcare costs. Unlike my Socialist Democrat opponent’s incompetence in healthcare, instead of bankrupting Social Security and Medicare, I will preserve and protect them. Unlike the socialist policies of making regulations and pushing paper by my Democratic opponent, I will cut regulations, incentivize businesses and keep jobs at home. Unlike my Democrat opponent who is weak on Israel, the Jewish people will have in me a strong and loud voice in Congress.”

As Dr. Mohan prepares for the general election, he emphasizes that all the issues that he is strong on and will fight to bring common sense solutions to are issues that all Americans want – Republicans, Independents and Democrats.

“I believe in the profound strength of empathy and that the power of Good grows exponentially. I am more than ready for the big fights ahead for the good of the people. I invite all residents of Burlington, Monmouth and Mercer counties in NJ’s 3rd District to join us in the Good fight, the Big fight and help build a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.”

For more information about Dr. Rajesh Mohan’s campaign, please visit MohanForUSCongress.com or follow us on social media.

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