Ayodhya Prepares for Spectacular Deepotsava

In an extraordinary display of cultural and spiritual celebration, Ayodhya is gearing up for an unprecedented Deepotsava, aiming to set a world record by lighting an astonishing 24 lakh earthen lamps at 51 ghats along the serene Saryu River. With 25,000 dedicated volunteers, this three-day event, commencing from November 10 to 12, will illuminate the city and captivate the world, paving the way for a grand opening of the Ram temple in January.

The scale of this year’s Deepotsava is nothing short of historic, with a light and sound show scheduled to grace Ram Ki Pauri for the next five years. Furthermore, a monumental digital screen, purported to be the largest in the country, will be deployed to narrate the illustrious history of Ayodhya and the state of Uttar Pradesh.

During a recent review meeting in Ayodhya, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath affirmed the significance of this event, stating, “Ek nav Ayodhya, ek bhavya Ayodhya ka darshan desh aur duniya ko dekhne ko milega. Iska pehla rehearsal deepotsava mein dekhne ko milega.” (Soon, the entire country and the world would see a new and grand Ayodhya, and Deepotsava in Ayodhya this year would be the first rehearsal for the same).

Ayodhya’s District Magistrate, Nitish Kumar, expressed, “Deepotsava this year will certainly be a grand event compared to the past. Apart from aiming to set a world record by lighting 24 lakh diyas, we are aiming to make other records like putting up the country’s biggest digital screen to display the history of Ayodhya as well as Uttar Pradesh.”

The festivities are set to commence on November 11 and extend for a week, encompassing not only the breathtaking illumination of lamps but also a series of cultural events. The awe-inspiring light and sound show at Ram Ki Pauri, making its debut this Deepotsava, will become a regular feature for tourists and pilgrims.

Deepotsav was initiated in Ayodhya six years ago during Chief Minister Adityanath’s first term. Notably, last year’s event saw 15 lakh diyas illuminate various ghats in Ayodhya.

Preparations have been thorough, with volunteers from different organizations, including 27 colleges and 19 intermediate colleges in Ayodhya and nearby areas affiliated with Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University, receiving training in lighting diyas. The logistics are impressive, with approximately 65,000 diyas planned to be illuminated at Ram Ki Pauri alone.

Beyond the 50 ghats, diyas will adorn significant religious and historical locations throughout Ayodhya. Given the magnitude of this endeavor, volunteers will commence placing diyas from November 8 at various ghats. To streamline the process and facilitate an accurate count, these diyas will be arranged in approximately 12,500 blocks, each containing around 196 lamps.

As Ayodhya readies itself for this grand spectacle, the world awaits the illumination of millions of diyas, symbolizing the spirit of unity and celebration that lies at the heart of this historic Deepotsava.

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