Aashna Patel, Indian-American Producer and Performer, Nominated for 51st Daytime Emmy Award

Feature and Cover Aashna Patel Indian American Producer and Performer Nominated for 51st Daytime Emmy Award

Indian-American television producer and versatile artist, Aashna Patel, has earned a nomination for the 51st Daytime Emmy Award, 2024, in the Legal/Courtroom Program category. The ceremony will be broadcast on June 7 on CBS.

Patel has been recognized for her contributions to the syndicated shows “Justice For the People with Judge Milian” and “We The People with Judge Lauren Lake.” Her illustrious career spans television, film, theater, and voiceover work.

In under two years, Patel has produced 405 episodes across nine court shows, collaborating with renowned networks and platforms such as NBC, CNN, Disney, Warner Brothers, E! Entertainment, and the Travel Channel.

As a host, Patel has explored diverse topics including entertainment, food, lifestyle, wellness, fitness, and travel, with her work featured on airline channels such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin America, and Air Canada.

Patel has also interviewed numerous celebrities on the red carpet, including Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston, and Dwayne Johnson, and has emceed various charity events.

Beyond television and film, Patel’s musical talents include releasing a pop album with Universal Music, Canada, and performing national anthems at NBA and MLB games.

Additionally, she is a performance coach for executives at major companies like Google and Facebook, and serves as a spokesperson for brands in health, wellness, beauty, and technology.

Her voice-over work includes projects for Warner Bros and Disney. Currently, Patel is writing her first children’s book.

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