9th Annual Winter Medical Conference (WMC) Of Indian American Young Medical Professionals Held

The 9th annual Winter Medical Conference (WMC) was held March 17 -20 at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa, FL and was an overwhelming success!  Filled with interactive sessions to promote career growth, leadership, networking, and more, WMC 9 embraced our theme, “Achieving Excellence” in every facet.   The sessions were designed to go beyond motivating the audience to arming attendees with tools to “Achieve Excellence”.

The feedback from the conference has been overwhelmingly positive with higher than projected attendance and record number of new attendees.  A few highlights include Dr. Latha Ganti’s research workshop which taught members how to maximize their publication productivity.  Dr. Bobby Mukkamala empowered physicians.

Dr. Kiran Patel (Dr. K) inspired attendees and Dr. K. Srinath Reddy educated attendees on the current state of heart disease amongst Indians.  Former Navy SEAL Kevin Stark taught the group breathing techniques to optimize performance.  A historic 5.5 hrs of CME was included.  For the first time, multiple simulators were brought on site for attendees to experience.  Registrants also received “Pearls of Wisdom” with tips from various speakers.

Attendees also enjoyed getting to know each other at social events including a sunset cruise, HOLI games, and various mixers.   We also celebrated MSRF’s Silver Jubilee and there was a record number of poster presentations.  This was also the first year oral presentations were done at WMC.

In addition, the Inaugural Kakani Foundation Award was bestowed on the very deserving Bhavana Patil.  We thank AAPI EC, BOT, the Kakani Foundation, and all our sponsors, without whom this event would not have been possible.

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