3 Indian Restaurants In US Get Michelin One-Star

Featured & Cover 3 Indian Restaurants In US Get Michelin One Star 2

The 3 restaurants are run by Chefs Vijay Kumar, Chetan Shetty, and Sujan Sarkar

Three Indian eateries received one-star ratings at the first-ever Michelin Guide Ceremony, which was held in New York City and brought together attendees from Chicago, Washington, and New York.

Semma in New York City, Rania in Washington, DC, and Indienne in Chicago were given a one-star rating, which means “high quality cooking, worth a stop,” according to the Michelin guide.

3 Indian Restaurants In US Get Michelin One Star (The Indian Express)Chef Vijay Kumar, renowned for his innovative spin on regional South Indian cuisine, moved from Rasa in San Francisco to run “Semma” in New York. Noting that the restaurant’s “authentic Indian cooking does not pander to American expectations,” the guide advises guests who are not familiar with the flavors and specific dishes to “lean on the staff who know their stuff and are eager to share.”

“Rania” in Washington, DC’s Penn Quarter, is home to Chef Chetan Shetty, who “delivers something entirely enticing here with his inventive menu,” according to the Michelin Guide. “Rania” translates to “queen” in both Sanskrit and Hindi.

According to the guide, Rania’s menu features “plenty of contemporary touches along with a few surprises,” like the braised pig belly vindaloo. Other dishes, like ghee-roasted lamb with a delicate lentil cheela and a buttermilk mousse, have a spicy kick that is balanced with a buttermilk mousse. And finally, there is shiso leaf chaat, which has a playful spirit but elegant overtones.

The guide states that “Indienne” in Chicago is where Chef Sujan Sarkar first gained recognition. For first-timers, it recommends the tasting menu, where Sarkar presents a fresh and contemporary take on Indian cuisine, although there is also an à la carte option.

” Although Sarkar’s cuisine “may seem like works of art, it tastes like well-known favorites from throughout his colorful homeland.” The meal is occasionally infused with a touch of French sensibility, as the guide describes it as “deftly spiced and elegantly presented.”

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