ZEE5 Global Announces The World Digital Premiere Of Shiva Rajkumar Starrer Kannada Blockbuster ‘Ghost’

Featured & Cover ZEE5 Global Announces The World Digital Premiere Of Shiva Rajkumar Starrer Kannada Blockbuster ‘Ghost’ 2

Global, 15th November 2023:  ZEE5 Global, the world’s largest streaming platform for South Asian content,  announced the world digital premiere of the recently released Kannada movie, ‘Ghost’ today. After creating a resounding impact in theatres last month, ‘Ghost’ has garnered praise from both audiences and critics for its dynamic storyline and powerhouse performances.

The highest grosser of the year in Kannada revolves around an exciting chase between a cunning criminal and a determined police officer. It has spared no effort in entertaining viewers with its non-linear screenplay, breathtaking elevation scenes, and top-notch action sequences that showcase the renowned actor Shiva Rajkumar in a compelling new light. The highly acclaimed movie that collected over 3M USD at the box office is now set to have its digital premiere on November 17th exclusively on ZEE5 Global.

ZEE5 Global Announces The World Digital Premiere Of Shiva Rajkumar Starrer Kannada Blockbuster ‘Ghost’
Picture: ZEE5

‘Ghost’ envelopes the details of a prison hijack in Karnataka led by a mysterious criminal named Dalavayi Muddanna (Shiva Rajkumar) while following an intense chase between Dalavayi and the determined ACP Chengappa (Jayaram). With hidden gold bars, unexpected twists, and an engrossing storyline, the film keeps its viewers engaged as the characters navigate through a complex web of suspense and betrayal, leading to an exciting climax.

Directed by M. G. Srinivas and produced by Sandesh Productions, the film stars Shiva Rajkumar in the lead role alongside Jayaram and Prashant Narayanan in other prominent roles. The film also boasts noteworthy cameo appearances by Dattanna, Archana Jois, and veteran actor Anupam Kher, adding depth and nuance to this thrilling narrative.

Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global, said, “We’ve seen great success with thrillers globally, thanks to stories deeply rooted in South Asian culture that offer an exciting cinematic experience. Our new addition, ‘Ghost,’ is a thrilling Kannada chase drama Packed with excitement, it’s a complete must-watch entertainer that we’re proud to add into our bouquet.”

Director M.G. Srinivas mentioned, “I am overwhelmed by the incredible response ‘Ghost’ has received in theatres, and I am delighted that the film’s reach will now expand globally through ZEE5 Global. The exceptional performances by Shiva Rajkumar, Prashanth Narayan, Jayaram, and other talented ensemble, along with the remarkable contribution of Anupam Kher, have truly brought the vision of ‘Ghost’ to life. I am thrilled to share our labour of love with audiences worldwide and look forward to the film’s continued success on the digital platform.”

Actor Shiva Rajkumar who is seen in the role of Ghost, said, “Since the movie’s release, I’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions within me. Initially, I was anxious about how my performance would be perceived by the audience, but I am elated to see the kind of reviews the film has received. ‘Ghost’  has a unique narrative with a fresh perspective to the thrilling tale. My character in ‘Ghost’ embodies multiple shades, each serving a different purpose. While the term ‘ghost’ often evokes fear, the film presents a nuanced play on the concepts of good, bad, and the complexities in between. I am excited to know that the film is now available to an even wider audience on ZEE5 Global.”

Jayaram who is seen in the role of ACP Chengappa, said, “Being a part of ‘Ghost’ working with a powerhouse of talents like Shiva Rajkumar, Director Srinivas has been an exciting journey for me, and I am happy to see the movie being appreciated by critics and fans alike. The interesting story and the relationships between the characters have made this film a special project for me. The way the movie explores human emotions is fascinating, and I am thrilled that more people can now enjoy it on ZEE5 Global.”

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