Women Who Win Summer Summit: Empowering Voices, Fostering Inclusion

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The upcoming Women Who Win Summer Summit, set to take place at the Academy of Creative Arts in Burlington, Massachusetts on June 2nd from 1 PM – 5 PM, promises to be a remarkable event fostering inclusivity and empowerment within the community. Co-Founder Dr. Manju Sheth emphasizes the summit’s foundation on community feedback, stating, “Diversity & Inclusion are at the core of Women Who Win, and we believe empowerment and educational forums are the key facets of that.”

Highlighting the keynote session titled “CEO Connection: Navigating C-Suite & Executive Realms,” featuring prominent female leaders sharing their corporate insights, experiences, and success strategies, Dr. Deepa Jhaveri expresses excitement about the opportunity to hear firsthand stories from accomplished women. Panelists include Dr. Abha Agarwal, Denella J. Clark, Priya Iyer, and Dr. Maha Radhakrishnan, with moderation by Rita Advani.

Dr. Shalini Mansharamani will lead a session on “Mental Health & Wellbeing,” addressing pertinent topics such as anxiety & depression coping mechanisms, the influence of culture and family on mental health, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. Manju Sheth emphasizes the urgency of discussing mental health issues, particularly post-pandemic, and anticipates the session’s impact on fostering ongoing conversations.

Picture3Further enhancing the summit experience, women who have contributed to Women Who Win will share their journeys through a panel discussion moderated by Jharna Madan, followed by an open mic session led by Ruchika Yadav. Co-founder Shaleen Sheth looks forward to bringing these inspiring narratives to life on stage, enriching the storytelling platform.

The summit will also feature a panel on “Male Allyship,” led by Preetesh Srivastava, exploring the role of men in advancing gender equity in both societal and corporate settings. As community engagement is integral to Women Who Win’s mission, the event will conclude with a session introducing local organizations driving change, led by Eshani Shah and Anmara Nawaz Khan.

Adding creative dimensions to the afternoon, Sunayna Kachroo will present powerful poetry reflecting women’s experiences, while a themed-based dance performance and a poetic exploration of storytelling by Manisha Jain will further enrich the event. The Women Who Win team expresses gratitude to supporters, including the Academy of Creative Arts Founders, Ruchika Arora, Ramila Thakkar, Lucy Karis, Aashita Shekhar, and Rama Penumarthy.

Refreshments will be provided, and while the event is free, registration is required through the provided link(womenwhowin100.com/summersummit2024). The Women Who Win team eagerly anticipates welcoming attendees on June 2nd for an enriching and impactful summit.

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