Tributes paid to Vanitaben Atmarambhai Patel

Chicago IL:  Vanitaben Patel passed away, on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 in Chicago at the age of 80 (August 21, 1936 to January 31, 2017) after 6 years of illness. Her final days were spent surrounded by family and friends. Her funeral was on Friday, February 3rd, 2017 11:00 a.m. until time of cremation 1:00 p.m. at the Countryside Funeral Home and Crematory, 950 South Bartlett Rd , Bartlett , IL .

Vanitaben was an astonishing person, a true matriarch of her extended family possessing all the attributes of Matriarch Mother namely loving, caring, compassionate providing leadership, unconditional love, self-sacrifices to anyone who came in touch with her. Speaking in her memory, one of the close individuals who knew her well for years from India , summarized her life as religious, filled with compassion for all living life. Result of successful careers of her children and grandchildren can be clearly seen, due to her teaching of basic significance of hard work, moral values, honor, simplicity, and ethics.

She is survived by Dr Kamal Atmaram Patel (son), Chhayaben K Patel (daughter in law), Ashka K Patel (granddaughter), Ishika K Patel (granddaughter); Kiran Atmaram Patel (son), Preetiben K Patel (daughter in law), Krushna K Patel (granddaughter), Karan K Patel (grandson); Kunjlattaben C Patel (daughter), Chitrang S Patel (son in law), Phenil C Patel (grandson)

Kamal Patel, with a heavy heart said, “I was very close to my mother for the last seventeen years. These last 6 years were very crucial because of her health. She had recurrent hospitalization, recovering, and gradual declining in health.  She was an inspirational figure for me. We always feel so much pain when we lose our parents, no matter how old or how sick our parents are. We are feeling that pain to day. “

“My mother was very spiritual, strong, kind, and a caring person. She would do anything for anyone. She had a heart of gold, the courage of a lion and love for everyone. Despite all illnesses and hospitalizations, she fought her illnesses and lived a good and positive life. I and my family were very fortunate to spend the last seventeen years with my father and her under the same roof. She cared and worried for everyone throughout her life. May your soul rest in peace. I want to thank all of you for taking your time and coming here for the final tribute and giving us emotional support during this difficult time”.

Narendra Patel from Kadva Patidar Samaj, expressed his feelings about wanting to spend time with Ba in her last moments.  “I could not spend time with her in her last moments. We are all gathered here today for Ba’s last tribute. So, we will talk and pray today about Ba’s achievements of her life. We will pray to God that Ba’s soul will go in heaven and she will rest in peace. “

During the last seventeen years, Dr. Kamal Patel participated in leadership role with the KPS (Kadva Patidar Samaj of Chicago ), FIA, and the Indian Medical Association of Illinois. Through these contributions; Dr. Kamal Patel has established himself as a prominent community leader. Besides this, he participated in lots of community health fare conventions.

In his special message, Kamal Patel MD mentioned, “Many of you attended the funeral for my mother Vanitaben and paid respect and glowing tribute to the departed soul. Our heartfelt  thanks to the more than 300 people who attended her funeral services as well as many more who attended Basnu (Pratha Sabha), called, text messages and email to us. On behalf of large south Asian Diaspora including members of Asian Media USA Chicago, we like to express our condolences. We pray God Almighty to give courage and strength to bear such loss

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