Thumps Up Modi Over Yoga

“Yoga fever grips the world, and the credit goes to Narendra Modi” This was the heading of a prominent blog ( a great way, despite the receding Corona pandemic, Indians celebrated an ancient tradition that grew into a global phenomenon, in front of Red Fort, on submarines and mountaintops, in schools and parks, by the dozens and by the thousands. Last Monday marked the 7thInternational Day of Yoga, a yearly event created by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to highlight yoga within India and worldwide.

Today, to our pride, India has already patented its ownership of Yoga and the credit definitely, goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Whether the opposition agrees or not, Narendra Modi helped yoga attain the global status it deserved. According to Indian Prime Minister Modi, Yoga became a medium of self-confidence. It made people believe that they could fight with COVID-19. While in the USA, the Consulate General of India, New York, partnered with the Times Square Alliance to host the International Yoga celebrations in Times Square on Sunday. Over 3,000 people attended the day-long event, which was themed ‘Solstice.’

Yoga for Peace and Harmony was organized by the Embassy of India, Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower and Wall of Peace.   WHO is about to launch M-Yoga app globally; Yoga focuses on mental well-being, says PM Modi that elevates its significance to a higher level indeed.Today, Yoga is not seen as just a practice native to India, but as India’s gift to the world, and everyone has made it their own: said Union Minister of State for AYUSH Kiran Rijiju

It is known globally that Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that helps in maintaining physical and mental well-being, and over the years, it has found popularity in other countries as well. During this lockdown & pandemic period, yoga can be ideal  to adopt as a lifestyle habit.Yoga exercises help us build a strong physical, mental and spiritual balancing system. Combining breathing and meditation, it acts as the best element to take care of our mind and body.  Different  forms of yoga can help us to stay physically strong and mentally serene. With Yoga we can motivate others in our family & social circle to do, as it could help them get through these times safely & healthily. Just like jogging in the park or 30 minutes of  gym exercising, Yoga brings its own benefits to the table, which can be practiced  by people of all ages. Meticulously yoga provides you with a holistic sense of health, which is especially required during these times.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed marking a day as the International Day of Yoga in his speech at the UN General Assembly during 2014 , and the proposal was endorsed by 175 member states, by which the United Nations recognized June 21 as the day to celebrate Yoga. Yoga has become the talk of the town worldwide ,and hence the healing aspect of Yoga is being looked at in scientific research being conducted across the world. Numerous studies are being conducted on the benefits of Yoga and on its positive impact on the body.

In spite of too many criticism hovers around, no doubt, Modi’s attempts to promote yoga is part of PM’s broader push to tap Indian traditions as a source of national pride and international influence.  A career in Yoga is also considered as a great choice nowadays. A person can opt for Yoga as a full-time course offered at various universities to make it a profession. Even in western countries, who were reluctant in accepting Indian traditions so far, have advanced ahead in embracing the concept and benefits of Yoga as an exercise.

For politicians sharing Modi’s views on yoga’s roots in ancient Vedas and philosophy, yoga’s origins and its enormous secular popularity add up to “the perfect vehicle to create a shared national consciousness,” The question of yoga’s parentage, the product of thousands of years of history and multiple religious and geographic influences, is vividly complex.That is why, On Tuesday, PinarayiVijayan Chief Minister of Kerala emphasized that yoga was not a part of any religion and should be practiced with a free and secular mind.

“Some people have been trying to hijack yoga by reciting ‘suktas.’ Such attempts should be checked as yoga is not a religious ritual. There should not be any misunderstanding that it is part of any religion. Yoga should be practiced with a free and secular mindset,” the CM stressed. Undoubtedly, Indians have a hidden tendency to look at everything suspiciously; whether any other religion or party is behind any social programs – forget it. Yoga is purely for physical and mental wellness- India wholeheartedly endorsed it

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