The Incredible “Everyday Elite” Runners of India

Season 2: Episode 1 Everyday Elite: Deepak Chhillar

There are many Iconic runners who inspire so many of us to take sports seriously. As we kick-off Season 2 of our Incredible” Everyday Elite” runners of India, join us on a wonderful journey as we dive deeper into the stories that give us such profound insights. It is with great pride that we open our Second season with the iconic and charming runner, Deepak Chhillar. Having started his running journey and serious training under the capable Asian Champion Sunita Godara he calls himself a ‘lifestyle runner’ who enjoys running. He believes that age is just a number and anyone can unlock their athletic prowess with disciplined training and hard work.

“Running is the best gift that I have received because it has changed my lifestyle, and I feel great about it,” says Deepak Chhillar who works as a Business Manager in a pharmaceutical company in Delhi, live in Bahadurgarh, Haryana.

Founder of Bahadurgarh Runners Group (BRG). Although Deepak had been active in sports since his school and college days, his physical activities took a backseat as his professional life took over. Soon, amidst all responsibilities and professional commitments, his routine started getting monotonous, and that is when he decided to start running. Life has never been the same after he took the decision. It’s more than six years since he has started running and Deepak has never looked back. At the helm of the famous Bahadurgarh Runners group BRG, he is a much-beloved icon spreading awareness about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Within his running group, he is known as a ‘Mentor de Fitness’ AKA ‘Pacer Baba’ mentoring newbies and helping them attempt maiden first half and full Marathons and guiding many others to break their personal records. As an Everyday Elite, he shows with each running challenge that with a calm state of mind one can guide the entire focus of the body to help achieve any desired goal. Always leading by example and shining a beacon light on Amazing bucket list runs you won’t hear him ever complain about the pain that was endured or the blistered feet.

His athletic journey can safely be coined as new paradigm for superior sports performance within the running community. Not only does this focussed mindset help him finish each run in the most extraordinary fashion but also he also gains acute insight into the areas that he would need to improve upon on his next running endevour. Above every other quality mentioned, Deepak exudes humility and his positive candour leaves an instant inspiring effect on any fellow runner. A hardworking and “All in” runner he is relentless and displays daily his lifelong dedication to perfecting his training. As an Everyday Elite he is acutely aware of the importance of building strong relationships with like-minded people and folks who have his back. His eyes would light up with enthusiasm and delight while talking about his many amazing running shenanigans. He says running has helped him become fitter both mentally as well as physically and says it keeps him more active and enthusiastic throughout the day. His social circle has also become bigger and better, and he finds himself among a passionate and athletic group.



Deepak has participated in many events across all over India, HMs, FMs, Ultra runs including two 12-hour Stadium runs and 24-hour marathons events under the prestigious Tuffman and NEB banners. With each marathon event, we can see the incredible determination in each step “As he eyes crossing the finish line in his own unique extraordinary fashion”. He has conquered various 100km runs including some high-profile marathon challenges like the 300km Hell Race Challenge 2020, and 200km Sher-Punjab Title 2020. The memorable Noida ultra 65km run and the triumphant 70km at the Trail-a-thon.
As an Everyday Elite has an inane sense of overcoming odds with just a little bit of shift in his mental self talk even when in the brink of losing. He is the face of many Marathon and Running challenges across the country especially the most popular 100 days  of running. Deepak agrees that these Challenges played an important role in turning him into a more disciplined runner. He was the Flag Marshal at  Vandematram Run on 26 January 2020  and the Torch bearer at the Faridabad Half Marathon 16 Feb 2020.

Deepak is also popular and much loved as a Pacer and Ambassador of various prestigious marathon events in not only New Delhi but cities all over the country. He is the face of many running event in myriad cities like Jaipur, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Bhatinda, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mohali, Kota, Manesar, Gwalior, Bairach, Noida, Indirapuram, Dehradun, Lucknow. As an  Everyday Elite, he knows that not one day is an easy or rest day, each day has to be approached with a daily commitment to be the best version of his fit self. Most of the times these runs are easy for him and the finish lines just seems to gravitate into his hands easily, all thanks to his consistent training. However, that simplicity and ease in training does not make him change his approach to viewing each training day and each event as chance to perform his very best.While way too many athletes give up their goals after they fail a few times our “Everyday Elites” wins their battles each and every time in his mind much before they even land their first step on the track.Personal goals apart he feels that pacing at various events and helping achieve their personal best is hugely gratifying for him. He believes that even if one person is motivated to give the best of themselves in his pacing bus, it is enough satisfaction for him as a pacer. Till date, he says that he feels the most elated and satisfied after his pacing assignments. He feels that pacing is not just about finishing on time, he also acts as a live clock to help runners. He has been aptly named “Pacer Baba”
and is beloved within the running community.


An Everyday Athlete is not afraid to fail and Deepak understands that nothing will happen if one does not get out there and try again. With his pacing support, he leans in on this insight and
helps his fellow runners. He is aware that it is the blood and sweat that has made his determination and zeal shine through. He has always been aware of success that waiting for him at each of his finish lines. Right there, lies the true superpower that makes Deepak our incredible “Everyday Elite”. He famously quotes” Not everyone can run, and those who do, not everyone can pace. So if you are a PACER, THEN ZINDA HO TUM”




Running for Deepak is a complete package which includes a healthy lifestyle, disciplined routine, and confidence demeanour.” With his stress under control, he claims running has trained him to live a life free of procrastination and manage time better. Rather than calling himself a “Run Addict”, Deepak would prefer to say that running has now become a wonderful “Habit”. As a phenomenal athlete, Deepak’s prowess is a unique combination of fundamental soundness in running form, speed, power, and unquenchable competitive desire. Deepak not only clocks admirable
mileage weekly but his characteristic charm and personality has earned him the title of one of the most affable and approachable Mentors. His honesty, humility, and smiling countenance as he slays each of his running goals makes his legacy complete, a runners life, filled with hardwork, success, and limitless possibilities.

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