Telangana IT Minister Urges NRIs’ Contribution and Economic Growth Strategy

Featured & Cover Telangana IT Minister Urges NRIs' Contribution and Economic Growth Strategy

Duddilla Sridhar Babu, the IT minister of Telangana, emphasized the state’s proactive efforts in engaging NRIs, particularly those of Telugu origin, to contribute to the development of their respective regions and hometowns. Speaking to New India Abroad, Babu outlined plans to create platforms ensuring accountability for NRIs’ contributions: “We would like to create some platform. So, the benefits that NRIs would like to share with their own people will be given with proper audit and accountability.”

He highlighted the initiative taken by the former Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy to establish a US embassy in Hyderabad, simplifying visa processes for Telangana residents: “Previously, people from Telangana had to travel to Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, or Bengaluru for their visas, but they can now be obtained locally,” he noted.

Addressing the significant Telugu diaspora in the US, Babu urged their contribution in various forms, including intellectual property and financial support: “We are seeking their contribution in terms of kind, in terms of their intellectual property, in terms of their expertise. And if need be, if somebody wants to contribute in terms of money or in cash, they can give back to the region or the place where they hail from.”

Regarding economic policies, Babu, a Congress leader, affirmed the government’s commitment to Telangana’s economic progress. He underscored the continuity of progressive policies while introducing new initiatives to further enhance economic growth: “This is the confidence that we have been trying to instill in our investors in the state and who also become the stakeholders of our state’s economy.”

Babu outlined plans to replicate Hyderabad’s success across other districts and towns, promoting investment in tier 2 and tier 3 cities for holistic development: “The plan is to replicate Hyderabad’s success in other districts and towns, encouraging investors to set up operations in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, fostering a holistic development approach.”

Highlighting Telangana’s role in the global IT sector, Babu acknowledged the contribution of companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, whose operations in Hyderabad have significantly contributed to their global growth: “Most of the companies which have contributed to US growth too, we are also part and parcel of this growth.”

In the context of emerging technologies, Babu stressed the importance of embracing AI to avoid missed opportunities similar to the semiconductor industry: “AI is occupying a major role in times to come. So, we cannot miss that bus. We cannot miss that, just like we have missed the semiconductor bus.”

Reflecting on Hyderabad’s advantages over Bengaluru, Babu cited affordable living, reliable infrastructure for water and power, and efforts to decentralize growth across the city: “We have affordable living, quality of life is much better, you know, water, is never a problem, power is never a problem and when you see in some parts, the density of the population, especially the IT population, is high. Now we are concentrating on four corners of Hyderabad.”

He contrasted Hyderabad’s growth strategy with Bengaluru’s centralized development approach, emphasizing the need to learn from Bengaluru’s experiences: “When Bengaluru is losing its vitality, we are growing and we have learned many lessons in the process from Bengaluru too. Not to concentrate everything in one area or one city, but we are trying to concentrate in all parts of our state.”

Duddilla Sridhar Babu articulated Telangana’s strategic initiatives to leverage its diaspora’s strengths, promote economic growth, embrace technological advancements like AI, and ensure balanced regional development. His vision underscores the state’s ambition to emerge as a leader in inclusive growth and sustainable development.

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