Empowering Voices: ‘Women Who Win’ Unveils Inspirational Book Chronicling Diverse Journeys

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, three women encountered a creative spark when they felt uninspired. Their response was to establish a platform aimed at uniting diverse women to foster inspiration and connection. This initiative, dubbed “Women Who Win,” commenced by inviting women worldwide to share their narratives, spanning business triumphs, personal development, conquered challenges, and surpassed obstacles.

In commemoration of their three-year milestone, the collective has unveiled its inaugural book. This publication chronicles a distinctive array of stories, with a central objective of empowering and resonating with readers on every page.

The book encompasses around 100 women, each voice compelling and every journey prompting profound contemplation in its own right. It endeavors to strike a chord with individuals from all backgrounds, featuring anecdotes from a broad spectrum of professionals including entrepreneurs, technologists, artists, community advocates, senior executives, young professionals, nonprofit leaders, healthcare providers, and change-makers of various stripes.

Highlighted personalities within the book encompass a diverse range, including Reshma Kewalramani, CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals; Swaroop Sampat, esteemed actress and educator; Jaishree Deshpande, philanthropist and co-founder of the Deshpande Foundation; Ami Ambani, businesswoman and avid marathoner; Chitra Banerjee, renowned Author; Annette Phillips, musician and singer from the Berklee India Ensemble; Gouri Banerjee, co-founder of Saheli Boston; Dr. Kavita Navani of Eclinical Works; Rosemarie Day, president of Day Health Strategies; Kay Khan, State Representative of Massachusetts; and Kathleen Walsh, president of YMCA Metro North, among others.

Shaleen Sheth, one of the co-founders of Women Who Win, expressed enthusiasm about the book’s inclusive representation, stating, “What excites me most is that the book includes the paths of women, coming from all different cultures and backgrounds, who are at the top of their field, and it highlights not only their successes but also the obstacles they faced along the way such as a health or family issue, or a career setback.” Sheth emphasized the importance of diverse narratives in guiding individuals through challenges and inspiring them to pursue ambitious dreams.

Dr. Deepa Jhaveri, another co-founder, echoed Sheth’s sentiments, remarking, “I love that this book encapsulates life – how some aspect of every life’s story is relatable to everyone.” She expressed hope that the stories would ignite readers’ aspirations and empower them to enact positive changes in their lives, whether in health, education, career, or personal growth.

Dr. Manju Sheth, MD, the third founder, highlighted the impact of the book’s focus on women’s health stories. Reflecting on the Wednesday Wellness series, Dr. Sheth emphasized the importance of preventative medicine and noted the positive response from readers, particularly in scheduling health screenings after reading firsthand accounts. She expressed satisfaction in potentially influencing individuals to prioritize their health.

The book, over a year in the making, has already sparked conversations and generated excitement both locally in New England and globally. Notable figures such as activist and actress Shabani Azmi have contributed to the book, with testimonials from esteemed individuals including philanthropist Desh Deshpande, Leader Bank founder and CEO Sushil Tuli, and Amruta Fadnavis, a banker, actress, singer, and social activist. The founders expressed gratitude to the women who entrusted them with their stories and anticipated celebrating with the community at launch events in Boston, New York, and India.

In a statement, the Women Who Win founders expressed their aspiration to make history by amplifying the voices of women and minorities, with the book serving as the first installment of a trilogy. They conveyed appreciation for the opportunity to spotlight the journeys of remarkable women and affirmed their commitment to this ongoing mission of empowerment and inclusion.