Syro-Malabar Archbishop Urges Voters to Prioritize Minority Protection in 2024 Elections Amid Rising Attacks

The Major Archbishop of the influential Syro-Malabar Church, Mar Raphael Thattil, has urged citizens to cast their votes in favor of parties that prioritize the protection of minorities and uphold the Constitution, as the nation prepares for the 2024 general elections.

Speaking to reporters at an event, Thattil expressed concern over a recent report by a Christian forum revealing 161 reported attacks on Christians in 2024. He described the findings as “painful” and highlighted the significance of the Constitution in safeguarding citizens’ rights. He mentioned assurances from the Prime Minister and the government regarding taking strict actions in response to such incidents.

“The reports on the rise in attacks are painful, especially when we have a strong Constitution which provides us our rights. The Prime Minister, when we met him, and the government had assured stern action,” said Thattil.

When questioned about the approaching Lok Sabha elections, Thattil emphasized the importance of voting for candidates who prioritize protecting minorities and upholding the Constitution.

“Everyone can vote according to their wish. But personally, I would say, people should vote for those who protect minorities and the Constitution,” he stated.

Regarding the increasing attacks on the Christian community, Thattil advised members to remain composed while urging the government to take necessary measures to ensure the safety of the victims.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission of India has scheduled April 26 as the polling date for Kerala’s 20 Lok Sabha constituencies.

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