Speeding Up America’s High-Speed Bullet Train

Featured & Cover Speeding Up America’s High Speed Bullet Train (LATimes)

The 16-mile Kochi Metro from Aluva to Tripunithura, which has been hyped for twelve years and is yet to be completed, could be a “miracle” for Indians and especially to Keralites!

Alas, here is the first news of starting a new high-speed railway line from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Los Angeles, California, a distance of 218 miles running in 85 minutes! America doesn’t run big trains for passengers like in India for many reasons.

Getting from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada is always a hectic problem. After last week’s Thanksgiving festivities, on Monday, vehicles returning from Las Vegas were backed up for 15 miles. On most weekends, people from Los Angeles rush down the sprawling highway I-15 to Las Vegas, the entertainment city of the world, and return on Monday morning.

Going by flight is faster but more expensive. Driving costs less but is slower. However, in a few years here comes the best option.This traffic block in an American highway can be solved by running a bullet train that connects the two regions in just one and a half hours. Private rail company Brightline says it has led to a smart decision.

A train that draws visitors from across California to Nevada in half the time it takes by car. Rail operator Brightline West announced late last month that it had struck a deal with the High-Speed ​​Rail Labor Coalition to begin work on the nation’s first high-speed rail project. The all-electric train will connect a station in Apple Valley, east of downtown LA, to Las Vegas via Interstate 15. A train traveling at 200 mph takes about 85 minutes to travel 218 miles.

“Americans want high-speed rail and Brightline West, and the High-Speed ​​Rail Labor Coalition will make it happen,” said a statement from the coalition, which includes 13 rail labor unions representing 160,000 freight, regional, commuter, and passenger railroad workers in the US.

Brightline West, the developer of the high-speed rail connecting Las Vegas to Southern California, is unveiling a groundbreaking idea. Not only will the unionists and ministers not come out to disrupt the project like in our country, but they will be ready to complete the work within the time limit.

Construction is pending because Brightline is still awaiting the results of a grant application for $3.70 billion in federal funding. Developers say they hope to complete the project in time for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. The station in Rancho Cucamonga will connect to the Metrolink San Bernardino line that already runs to Los Angeles.

Newly built in four years, this railroad connecting the two bustling cities of Hollywood and the Sin City will be a milestone in American history.

“President Joe Biden on Friday hailed the promise of a long-awaited high-speed rail system between Las Vegas and Los Angeles and said $3 billion in federal funds awarded this week will ensure it gets built”.

Biden said. “Together we’re finally going to make high-speed rail happen between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Folks, we’ve been talking about this project for decades, now, we’re really getting it done.”

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