Shift in American Opinion: Majority Disapproves of Israel’s Actions in Gaza Conflict

Feature and Cover Shift in American Opinion Majority Disapproves of Israel's Actions in Gaza Conflict

A recent poll indicates a significant shift in American attitudes towards Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza. According to the poll, support for Israel’s military action has declined from 50 percent in November to 36 percent in the current month. Conversely, disapproval has risen from 45 percent to 55 percent over the same period, with approximately 9 percent of respondents expressing no opinion on the matter.

Partisan Divide on Views of Israel’s Actions

The poll reveals a clear partisan divide in attitudes towards Israel’s military actions in Gaza. While 64 percent of Republicans support the military action, only 18 percent of Democrats do. Among independents, support has dropped from 47 percent to 29 percent.

Growing Dissent and Calls for Ceasefire

Across the United States, protests calling for a ceasefire and the protection of Palestinian lives have become increasingly common. On the other side, some argue that Israel has a right to defend itself against Hamas, citing the incursion by the group on October 7, which resulted in over 1,100 casualties and the capture of approximately 250 hostages, with 100 still believed to be held in Gaza.

Protracted Conflict and Humanitarian Concerns

Despite nearly six months of conflict, there is no end in sight to the violence. More than 32,000 Palestinians have lost their lives, and the United Nations has warned of a looming famine in northern Gaza.

Political Ramifications and Voter Sentiment

Democrats are becoming increasingly frustrated with the mounting death toll and humanitarian crisis. This sentiment is particularly strong among Arab Americans and young voters, with promises of protest votes in the upcoming November elections. Notably, about 13 percent of Democrats in Michigan’s primary voted “uncommitted” rather than for President Biden.

Biden Administration’s Response

The Biden administration is attempting to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza while also taking a tougher stance on the conflict. This was evident when the administration abstained from a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire and the release of hostages. Although Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu canceled a scheduled delegation to Washington following the vote, the White House has indicated that his office has agreed to reschedule.

Push for Reconsideration of Ground Operations

President Biden and key members of his Cabinet are urging Israel to reconsider a major ground operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah. This area is home to more than a million Palestinians who are seeking refuge from the ongoing conflict.

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