Poetic Justice in Trump’s Defeat

Donald Trump, was defeated by Joe Biden & Kamala Harris team in the most divisive, corrosive and disgraceful electioneering in modern U.S. history. It was a mockery of democratic process. For 4 years, the soul of this nation – whatever was good about its people, about this country, about its prestige in the world – was hijacked by the governance of an erratic, irrational egotist. Biden got unprecedented number of popular votes in the history of the U.S., not because he was so popular but because people wanted to vote against Trump, no matter what. In trump’s defeat, I see a ‘poetic justice’ at multiple levels. Foremost among them, the revenge that ‘covid-19’ ultimately took on him for down-playing its existence. He had no strategic plan to contain the ‘virus’ and refused to take any responsibility for its spread up either. Before he knew it, U.S. became the global capital of ‘Corona’ and a single most important issue of Yr.2020 campaign. It was a rallying nationwide cause to defeat Trump.

The deep-rooted narcissistic trait of Trump, not only was responsible in insulting, bullying numerous high-ranking government officials, but also, made them rethink their loyalty to their ‘commander-in-chief’. After he got elected, he declared that knew lot more than the Generals at his command, and then went on to insult America’s war-hero, Senator John McCann and thereafter Military veterans, as a lot. In 2016, Trump’s public call on TV – ‘Russia if you are listening’ – requesting to divulge political dirt on his opponent then, Hillary Clinton, was short of treason and did not go well with proud Americans. The result – the majority turned against him and took their revenge publicly as well as privately while voting.  

In U.S. electioneering, one of the popular issues that is often talked about is ‘family-values. In Trump, there was not a shred of redeeming noble values. He was a proven pervert, had taken advantage of countless women in his contact and ruined thousands of businesses by downright cheating and destroying countless lives, in process. Atlantic City was just one example of this. Moreover, he had been a relentless pathological liar basking in a world of his own which had no relation to the existential reality. He was everything that the Americans did not want in their leader and turned away from him. Nevertheless, he was delusional in thinking that the world shared his ‘alternative truth’ that he floated in everything, every so often. This self-deception proved to be fatal in winning the second term for the ‘White House’

When the so-called ‘Blacks’ were being shot on the streets on frivolous charges by the police, week after week, Trump took pride in their heavy handedness as the part of his ‘law and order’ policy. He misinterpreted Black American’s violence as nothing more than an excuse for criminal activities rather than an expression of pent up anger against the institutional discrimination and the unfair treatment meted out to them. He underestimated the power of ‘Black Lives Matter ‘reverberating in the country – especially among the Black, Latino community. He called ‘Latinos-Mexicans’ rapists, criminals, thieves etc. He enticed, white-supremacist and cooky conspiracy-theorists to be belligerent in asserting themselves. He completely failed in articulating Black American’s true grievances on any level. Needless to say, Blacks and Latinos went in droves to vote against him. Whatever he was dismissive about as ‘nonconsequential’ to get re-elected came hauntingly back to deny him the second term he was so obsessed with.

Trump’s behavioral pattern throughout his life confirms that he had treated women only in terms of ‘flesh’, as a commodity for personal consumption. It did not come as a surprise to anyone when he wanted to appoint a Supreme Court Judges who would vote against ‘Roe Vs Wade’ landmark law that empowered them. He also wanted to repeal ‘Obamacare’ which was a lifesaver to 20 Million economically disadvantaged people. This big chunk of ballot-section, voted for Biden who promised to take care of them. Moreover, in Biden’s corner, there was a woman, that too a Black one – of Asian American descent – to attract women, Blacks, Latinos and Asians. Whatever he stood against, at long last all came together to ‘dug him in’. A splendid ‘poetic justice’.  (By Prakash Waghmare)  

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