Petition To U.S. Postal Service For Issuing Yoga Stamp Launched

The Committee for Yoga/Meditation Stamp has been campaigning with US Postal Service since 2016, when I and a few friends joined to establish the organization. We have yet to see concrete results of that campaign. However, last year in a response dated May 26, 2022, the USPS informed the Committee that this topic remains under consideration as a possible future postage stamp. This topic will remain under consideration until the Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) assigns it to a program year.

We must press ahead to expand our lobbying for this ancient Indian practice, make it a household name, even though by now it is more popular in America than ever before.

Yoga is time-tested, scientifically embraced and globally accepted. Additionally, it has wide support and is of national interest. American physicians’ organizations like the American Medical Association, and Fortune 500 companies have advised and allowed its practice to their patients and employees for better physical and emotional well-being.

Many experienced people have made Yoga instruction their career. Higher educational institutions from Harvard, to Toronto and around the world have verified and approved the practice of Yoga.

Currently, 20-25% of the U.S. population with mental health issues can benefit from Yoga.

According to my estimate from research, 40 million Americans practice Yoga regularly, and an overwhelming number of Caucasian women are in that group.

I am a Doctor. I practice Yoga every day and I see the benefits of it. And the need for Yoga was heightened during the pandemic, during which I believe more people have used it and found it beneficial. And correctly so.

Our Committee has an ongoing online petition campaign on, and so far close to 500 people have sent petitions to USPS through that. And through snail-mail, we have received thousands of letters in support, and have forwarded them periodically to USPS.

We want to keep the pressure on. We have tried to make it so simple to sign on to the petition by just going on Google with the words – ‘Yoga stamp petition’

I also periodically attach articles from newspapers, magazines, etc., that speak of the benefits of Yoga, to the USPS.

Our Committee has also approached lawmakers, including the so-called ‘Samosa Caucus,’ of Indian-American elected leaders in Congress.

We need to do more. That is why I decided to write this appeal to our Indian-American and South Asian community – to join the campaign and approach your lawmakers and other influencers become part of the petition drive to the USPS, about issuing a Yoga stamp.

Yoga is an ascetic discipline, a part of which, rendering breath control, simple meditation and adoption of specific bodily posture, is widely practiced for health, relaxation, well-being and tranquility. It also leads to a life of self-discipline useful for holistic health of individuals and the world.

The committee requests all those in support of this campaign to write to the CSAC (Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee), 475 L’Enfant  Plaza SW # 3300 Washington, DC 20260-3501, or find us easily on to sign the petition. For further information, please call (301) 477-2990. (Dr. Shailendra Kumar, Chairman of the Committee for Yoga/Meditation Stamp.)

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