Navigating Holiday Spirits: The Impact of Alcohol Consumption, Choosing Healthier Options, and Embracing Small-Batch Mezcal

Featured & Cover Navigating Holiday Spirits The Impact of Alcohol Consumption Choosing Healthier Options and Embracing Small Batch Mezcal

Recent medical studies indicate that while 70% of Americans consume alcohol, these numbers surge during specific seasons, particularly around holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. As the festive season approaches, it’s crucial to consider the implications of alcohol consumption.

Holidays, especially Thanksgiving Day, exhibit noteworthy changes in sleep quality associated with increased alcohol use. Adult behavioral shifts during public holidays continue to be under examination. Although not groundbreaking, it’s essential to recognize that alcohol, even in moderate amounts, is not conducive to good health. Registered Dietitian Megan DeChatelets emphasizes the impact of drink choices on negative physical effects.

In Megan DeChatelets’ words, “It’s the first question I ask my patients: What do they drink and how often?” Ms. DeChatelets, a registered dietitian consultant for Hilma, a natural remedy brand, highlights the importance of opting for beverages with a single ingredient, drawing parallels with food choices. Despite the perception that tequila is a safer choice, the Tequila Regulatory Council allows additives in tequila labeled “100% agave,” outraging purists who prefer additives-free options.

Unlike tequila, mezcal’s additives must be labeled, including unique ingredients like pechuga added during distillation. Ms. DeChatelets emphasizes the importance of pure ingredients, aligning with her dietary practice of advocating for clean labels. To mitigate the impact of alcohol, especially during the holidays, Ms. DeChatelets recommends Hilma’s Stomach Recover + Hydrate supplement.

Christina Miller, lead certified Ayurvedic practitioner, suggests neat mezcal for clients unwilling to give up alcohol, emphasizing sustainability in dietary choices. Supporting small-batch brands and smaller manufacturers is advised to maintain label and product purity, according to Ms. Miller.

Highlighted mezcal brands include Dos Perros Mezcal, favored in Hollywood circles and found in exclusive members clubs and high-end retailers. Olvido Divino 30-Year Mezcal is an extreme rarity with batch provenance paperwork, albeit at a high price. For those daring enough to try pechuga mezcal, Siete Misterios is recommended as a small-batch luxury brand.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s essential to be mindful of alcohol consumption trends, make informed drink choices, and consider alternatives like mezcal with transparent labeling and pure ingredients. Supporting small-batch brands ensures a commitment to label and product purity, aligning with a growing awareness of the impact of alcohol on health during festive occasions.

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