NADE USA Honors Accomplished Women From Diverse Fields

National Association for Diversity Empowerment (NADE) USA ( ), based in Houston, TX, has the mission to empower diverse talents in public affairs in the US, including politics, policy-making, business, industry, media, entertainment, cinema,  literature, education, and academia.  NADE USA and Houston Community College Southwest campus ( Fort Bend County Roundtable Leadership conference on March 24, 2023, in the HCC Southwest campus. The conference celebrated International Women’s Day 2023 and honored several accomplished women from various fields.

Those honored were: Judge Sonia Rash, Judge Juli Mathew, Prof. Dr Alice Mathew, Las Vegas, Ms Tanaz Choudhury, IT Entrepreneur, HH Queen Maria Amor, Neeta Sane, Fort Bend & Allef Trustee Laura Richard Fort Bend County Clerk, Terri Wang, community leader

Dr. Madeline Burrillo, Vice-Chancellor, HCC, Dr. Roksana Akter Khan, global peace ambassador, Roopa Gir, I-educate founder, Prema Isha, international human rights commission from Mauritius.

Sangeeta Dua founding member and Secretary welcomed the gathering and facilitated the meeting.

Picture : TheUNN

NADE President Kim Meijia in her presidential address indicated that women are increasingly making significant contributions in all walks of life. Women need to exhibit their femininity indicated by compassion, caring, multitasking, and integrity while working alongside menfolk.

Dr Mathew Joys, Board Member of Global Indian Council presented international award-winning documentary film titled ‘The Footprints of the Mahatma’. It depicted the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence in the modern world.

Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee honored Sangeeta Dua for her contributions to public life.

Neeta Sane led a panel discussion on women’s contributions and leadership in health, education, safety, and freedom. Council member Alice Chen of Stafford TX congratulated the honorees.

Global Indian Council Central Cochair for Cyber Security Dr. Joseph Ponnoly and Indo American Press Club General Secretary C G Daniel also felicitated the Honorees.

Sangeeta Dua, while expressing a vote of thanks, mentioned, “we have to come together as leaders in our respective fields, to assess, suggest and debate, on how to take the next step in the women’s movement, for more qualified and meaningful inclusion and empowerment, by incorporating feminine characteristics  to our respective professions and public life, as much as possible, to build a better society and nation.”

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