MTA Votes to Increase Fares

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Board voted on February 27, 2019 to increase fares and tolls. The new tolls take effect March 31, 2019 and the new fares take effect April 21, 2019.

MTA board members voted on Wednesday to once again increase subway fares, raising the weekly MetroCard price to $33 and bringing a monthly pass to $127, up from $121. The hike, which does not impact the $2.75 base fare, will go into effect on April 21st. Tolls on most MTA bridges and tunnels will also see an increase of about 36 cents.

“This is painful for a lot of people, but it wasn’t exactly a mugging,” Acting MTA Chairman Freddy Ferrer told reporters.

The decision comes after a planned vote on the fare hike was delayed last month, with some board members citing the need to tie any cost increase to improved subway performance. The price hike voted on today, which ends the pay-per-ride discount, does not include a performance metric for subway service. The MTA’s decision to push back the vote cost the authority an estimated $30 million, according to transit officials.

Included in the decision are increases to the following unlimited, weekly and monthly passes:

Unlimited Ride MetroCard: Increase the price of unlimited ride cards: 7-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard increases from $32 to $33

7-Day Express Bus Plus Unlimited Ride MetroCard: Increase from $59.50 to $62.00

30-Day and Calendar Monthly Unlimited Ride MetroCard: Increase from $121 to $127

Additional fares were increased. You can read more about the full changes in our blog post linked below.

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