Kevin Rudd on The Avoidable War: The Decade of Living Dangerously

“The Avoidable War: The Decade of Living Dangerously,” a collection of Asia Society President Kevin Rudds essays, articles, and speeches on the events of 2020, is now available for download at the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) website. The collection is the third volume in ASPI’s annual Avoidable War series, which features Rudd’s analysis into the key trends affecting the world.

Rudd’s works provide insight into the devastating events of 2020, a year destined to be remembered as a major global inflection point — from the COVID-19 pandemic, through an implosion of multilateral governance, and to the impact on China’s domestic political economy. He shows how the year illustrated the true extent of our globalized, interconnected world, revealed dysfunction present in our institutions of national and international governance, and unmasked the real level of structural resentment, rivalry, and risk present in the world’s most critical great power relationship — that between the United States and China.

These essays, articles, and speeches — some originally published in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and Foreign Affairs — offer an invaluable resource for observers wishing to reflect on a tumultuous year as well as understand the forces shaping the years to come.

Download the complete collection here. Read the first volume of The Avoidable War here and the second volume here.

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