Kamala Harris Encourages Indian American Political Participation at “Desis Decide” Summit

Featured & Cover Kamala Harris Encourages Indian American Political Participation at Desis Decide Summit

Speaking at “Desis Decide”—an annual summit organized by a Democratic Party think tank—Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized the increasing involvement of Indian Americans in the political process. “Over the years, we’ve had so much more participation by Indian Americans in the electoral process running for office. But the numbers are still not reflective of the size of the growing population,” she stated.

Currently, there are five Indian American members in Congress: Dr. Ami Bera, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Ro Khanna, Pramila Jayapal, and Shri Thanedar. Despite this progress, Harris believes the representation still falls short relative to the population size.

Highlighting the efforts of Impact, an organization dedicated to empowering Indian Americans in politics, Harris remarked, “It really is extraordinary. I wanted to stop by to thank of course the organization for everything and for all that it represents, but also to say especially to those who have run for office or aspire to run for office, that you must run.”

Harris also reminisced about her mother, who immigrated to the U.S. from India at 19 and actively participated in the Civil Rights Movement in Berkeley. Reflecting on her childhood visits to India, she shared that she would visit every two years, recalling morning walks with her grandfather. “And I remember as a young girl… hearing them discuss the importance of standing for what is right and fairness,” she added.

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