July 3rd Was The Hottest Day Globally Ever Recorded

Monday, July 3, was the hottest day ever recorded globally, according to data from the U.S. National Centers for Environmental Prediction.

The average global temperature reached 17.01 degrees Celsius (62.62 Fahrenheit), surpassing the August 2016 record of 16.92C (62.46F) as heatwaves sizzled around the world.

The southern U.S. has been suffering under an intense heat dome in recent weeks. In China, an enduring heatwave continued, with temperatures above 35C (95F). North Africa has seen temperatures near 50C (122F).

And even Antarctica, currently in its winter, registered anomalously high temperatures. Ukraine’s Vernadsky Research Base in the white continent’s Argentine Islands recently broke its July temperature record with 8.7C (47.6F).

“This is not a milestone we should be celebrating,” said climate scientist Friederike Otto of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment at Britain’s Imperial College London.

“It’s a death sentence for people and ecosystems.”

Scientists said climate change, combined with an emerging El Nino pattern, were to blame.

“Unfortunately, it promises to only be the first in a series of new records set this year as increasing emissions of [carbon dioxide] and greenhouse gases coupled with a growing El Nino event push temperatures to new highs,” said Zeke Hausfather, a research scientist at Berkeley Earth, in a statement.

Indian community in New York calls for action in Manipur

A resolution condemning violence was passed at the event which noted that the rioters’ objective appeared to be the ethnic cleansing of Christians from tribal land.

In the wake of the violent situation in Manipur, India, the Indian American Community in New York recently gathered at the Santoor Restaurant, New York to demand for the cessation of violence in the region. Dr Anna George, associate professor at Molloy University, led the program attended by about 23 eminent community leaders of various organizations and humanitarians who expressed concerns over the matter.

A resolution condemning violence was passed, which noted that the rioters’ objective appeared to be the ethnic cleansing of Christians from their tribal land. Addressing at the event, Dr. George said, “What is taking place in Manipur is horrible violations of human rights and religious freedom.”

Dr. George stressed on the need to support humanitarian crisis, as over 100 or more people were killed and about 80,000 people were displaced. “They are finding shelter in the forest; they have no homes to return to, so we must decide to do something to help the victims in Manipur,” she urged the audience.

Speaking at the event, George Abraham, vice chairman of Indian Overseas Congress, USA, highlighted the plight of Christians in the Kuki tribal community who have been primarily targeted. He added that in the absence of adequate shelter, food, and medicines the community has become refugees in their own homeland.

With support of organizations like the Federation of Indian Christian Organizations in North America (FIACONA) and others, the participants decided to organise a fundraising effort to support people in Manipur who have lost their homes.  Koshy George, FIACONA president lauded the initiative and appreciated those who came forward and pledged support to the cause.

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