James Koodal Appointed Global President of Overseas Indian Cultural Congress

Feature and Cover James Koodal Appointed Global President of Overseas Indian Cultural Congress

KPCC President K Sudhakaran has announced the appointment of James Koodal as the Global President of the Overseas Indian Cultural Congress. The decision was communicated by KPCC General Secretary TU Radhakrishnan.

James Koodal brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role, having served as the National Chairman of the Overseas Indian Cultural Congress (America) and as a Member of the Lok Kerala Sabha from America. His leadership extends to various international platforms, where he currently serves as the Global Business Forum Chairman of the World Malayali Council and as the Chairman of Global Indian Media, headquartered in Houston, USA.

A distinguished figure in business circles, James Koodal is the Chairman of the MSJ Business Group chain, with a longstanding presence in Bahrain since 1994 and the USA since 2015. His contributions span across public works, philanthropy, media, and more, showcasing a commitment to community development and global connectivity.

Prior to his current appointment, James Koodal held significant roles within the World Malayali Council, serving as the former Global Treasurer and leading numerous impactful initiatives during his tenure. He has also been actively engaged in public service through organizations like Akhila Kerala Balajanasakhya, demonstrating a strong commitment to grassroots empowerment and societal progress.

Furthermore, James Koodal’s leadership journey includes significant responsibilities such as President of the World Malayali Council America Region, General Secretary of the Coordination Committee of Indian Association under the Bahrain Indian Embassy, Patron of the Indian Community Relief Fund, Global Treasurer of the Overseas Indian Congress, President of the Bahrain National Committee, Jaihind Channel Bahrain Bureau Chief, NORKA Advisory Board Member, President of Congress Kalanjoor Constituency, Director of the Adoor Taluk Rubber Marketing Society, and a member of the Malankara Catholic America Canada Pastoral Council.

Originally from Konni in Pathanamthitta district, James Koodal’s roots reflect a deep connection to his homeland, even as he takes on significant responsibilities on the global stage.

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