India’s Health Ministry Says, 85% Decline In New Covid Cases

India has registered a continuous decline since the number of new cases peaked on May 7, when India reported 4,14,188 new cases and they have declined by 85 percent, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India. “Almost 85 per cent decline has been seen in daily cases since the highest reported peak. We are witnessing this situation after 75 days, thus indicating an overall decline in infection rate, ” said Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Health Ministry on COVID19 situation. On June 15th, India reported 86,490 new cases, while on May 7, daily cases were at 4.14 lakh, but had come down to 2.67 lakh on May 19 and dropped below the 2 lakh mark subsequently.

Cumulative recovery rate has now reached 95.6 per cent, with recoveries outnumbering infections in all states, he said. As many as 366 districts across the country have reported a marked decline in cases over the past weeks, while there are 20 states and UTs where active Covid cases are less than 5,000. There has been a consistent decline in average daily new cases since the week of 5-11 May and a progressive increase in the rate of decline of average daily new cases, he added. The Health Ministry official further added that 3.28 per cent of children in the age group of 1-10 years contracted Covid-19 during the first wave while 3.05 per cent of children in the same age group were affected during the second wave.

“In the age group of 1-10 years, 3.28 per cent of children contracted COVID-19 infection in the first wave while 3.05 per cent during the second wave. 8.03 per cent were infected in 11-20 years of age group in the first wave and 8.5 per cent in the second wave, ” said Agarwal. He added that prioritising vaccination should be the focus in the country and added that Covid-19 safe behavior should be followed despite low Covid-19 numbers to contain the virulent variants of Coronavirus.

“Vaccination is an additional tool in the fight against coronavirus. I urge everyone to prioritise hygiene and abide by COVID appropriate behaviour including wearing masks and social distancing. Avoid travel as much as you can,” said Lav Agarwal. “Virus transmission is very low right now. Cluster cases should be contained. We are dealing with a highly transmissible variant this year than we were in 2020, hence we exercise greater caution and strictly abide by COVID appropriate behaviour, ” added Dr VK Paul, Member-Health, NitiAayog while addressing the media in New Delhi.

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