Indian Lawyer Recognized by US State Department for Minority Empowerment Efforts

Jose Abraham, an esteemed legal professional practicing at the Supreme Court of India, has received a prestigious accolade from the United States Department of State in recognition of his exceptional contributions to his field. The US department unveiled the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) Impact Award on July 29, lauding Abraham’s endeavors aimed at empowering minority communities in India. This commendable award comes with a monetary prize of US$5,000 (equivalent to 411,000 rupees).

Expressing his reaction to this momentous news, Abraham conveyed his profound appreciation, stating that the award holds significant honor and serves as a motivating force, particularly because it originates from the US government. He affirmed his unwavering commitment to advancing his mission, which is centered around the legal empowerment of minority groups in India. Abraham shared these sentiments with Matters India on July 31, stating, “I will continue with one of my missions related to the empowerment of minority communities in India legally.”

During this year, Abraham collaboratively authored a book titled “Minority Empowerment Law,” in partnership with Justice Narendra Kumar. This publication adds to his already noteworthy accomplishments, contributing to the legal discourse surrounding minority rights and empowerment.

Abraham has achieved an impressive feat by representing over 7,000 educational institutions across India, assisting them in obtaining their minority status certificates. This crucial legal protection is afforded to these institutions under Article 30(1) of the Constitution of India. Such an accomplishment underscores Abraham’s dedication to his work and his commitment to upholding constitutional rights.

The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) stands as a flagship initiative of the US Department of State, designed to facilitate professional exchanges. Through short-term visits to the United States, foreign leaders, both current and emerging, have the opportunity to experience American society firsthand and cultivate enduring relationships with their American counterparts. These professional interactions align with the participants’ areas of expertise and contribute to the foreign policy objectives of the United States.

With an annual participation of nearly 5,000 international visitors, the International Visitor Leadership Program has provided a platform for engagement between international leaders and American society. The program’s impact extends to an impressive roster of more than 200,000 international visitors, including over 500 former or current heads of state and government.

Abraham holds the esteemed title of Advocate-on-Record at the Supreme Court of India, which grants him the authority to both advocate and plead on behalf of parties within the country’s apex court. As per the established rules, only advocates who are recognized as advocates-on-record possess the privilege to file appearances or represent parties before the Supreme Court. Additionally, advocates who aren’t advocates-on-record may only appear and plead if they are instructed by an advocate-on-record.

Furthermore, Abraham serves as the founding President of Pravasi Legal Cell, a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing pro-bono legal aid to vulnerable segments of the migrant community. His active involvement extends to his role as Chairman of the Paideia Institute for Training and Research in Social Sciences, based in New Delhi. Additionally, Abraham offers his expertise as a consultant and legal advisor to numerous NGOs and educational institutions.

With a robust academic background, Abraham has earned postgraduate degrees in both Law and Political Science. His current pursuits involve comprehensive research on Indian migration laws as part of his doctoral studies. Notably, he is an accomplished author with six books to his name, including titles such as “Indians and Emigration: Laws, Concerns, and Remedies” (2016), “Safe Emigration” (2018), “Right to Information: Key to Open Democracy” (2019), “Sexual Abuse of Children: A Guide for Caring Adults” (2019), “Minority Rights” (2021), and “Empowerment of Minorities: Educational Rights & NEP 2020” (2022).

Jose Abraham’s remarkable contributions as a legal professional dedicated to minority empowerment have garnered international recognition through the prestigious IVLP Impact Award. This acknowledgment underscores his commitment to legal advocacy, constitutional rights, and the betterment of marginalized communities in India.

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