Indian Consulate Hosts Empowering Meet & Greet for Indian Students in the US

Featured & Cover Indian Consulate Hosts Empowering Meet & Greet for Indian Students in the US

More than 200 Indian students from 20 universities across the United States convened on April 12, 2024, for a ‘Student Meet and Greet session’ organized by the Indian Consulate in New York. The event, blending in-person and virtual participation, featured a panel discussion with esteemed figures including Professor Raghu Sundaram from NYU Stern School of Business, Dharti Desai representing TiE New York, attorney Anil Jethmalani, and Sai Vichare from NYU. Prakash Shukla led the discussion, focusing on various pertinent topics such as career prospects for Indian students, available support systems, legal and immigration assistance, and mentorship opportunities.

During the session, Prof. Sonia Sachdey, Chair of Psychology at Pace University, offered valuable insights into mental health management and stress coping mechanisms tailored for students. Notably, Indian Student Associations from prestigious institutions like Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Princeton, Yale, Brown, and Penn State actively participated in the event, demonstrating widespread engagement and interest.

The Indian Consulate emphasized its commitment to fostering strong ties with Indian students, extending unwavering support to meet their needs and address any concerns they may encounter. In a statement posted on X @IndiainNewYork, the Consulate affirmed its dedication to continued engagement and assistance for the Indian student community.

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