Indian American Forum/Nassau County Organize Diwali

The office of Asian Community Affairs, Anissa Moore Nasssu County Deputy County Executive Jennifer Desena, Supervisor Town Of North Hempstead, Director of Asian American Affairs in Nassau County Arooj Islam, along with Indian American Forum Founding Member Dr. Bobby K. Kalotee & Chairperson Indu Jaiswal, celebrated Diwali honoring distinguished Indian American Community leaders. 

Emceed by Flora Parekh, the event highlighted the accomplishments of several prominent Indian American community leaders like Gurumaa Jyotishanand Saraswati (Vedic Heritage of India), Jasbir (Jay) Singh (Board Member – Asian American Advisory Board of Nassau County), Meena Shah, ( Vaishnav Mandir – VTNY), Dr. Bharathi Reddy (Internist), Madhu Pareek (Blue Host Hospitality), Hargovind
Gupta (Vice President, IALI) and Dr. Neeru Bhambri (Member- At-Large IALI).

The tireless efforts of the county and founding members along with a dedicated Hosts committee of Dr. Bobby K. Kalotee, Chairperson Indu Jaiswal, Vimal Goyal, Bina Sabapathy, Veer Mukhi, Deepak Bansal, Jasbir Jay Singh, Beena Kothari, Flora Parekh, Jyoti Gupta, Anju Sharma, Nilima Madan, Shashi Malik,
Indu Gajwani and Suhag Mehta and several volunteers and supporters, contributed to the success of the event keeping up the spirit of Diwali.

Starting with the American & Indian National Anthems by Angel Shah, the event followed a traditional Diya Ceremony. Beautifully choreographed Diwali dances and performances by young girls and ladies group were the highlight of the evening. The venue was traditionally decorated by Jyoti Gupta, Anju &
Sanju Sharma and Team. Mouth watering dinner and Prasad boxes were served.

Several Indian American Forum Board members and community leaders namely Dr. Dattatreyudu Nori, Deepak Bansal, Mukesh Modi, Dr. Urmilesh Arya, Past Presidents of IALI, Vibhuti Jha, Anil Shah, Dr. Kunjbala Shah were in attendance. Indian American Forum has been instrumental in
showcasing the Indian tradition in NY for several decades.

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