Indian-American Community Urged by FBI to Report Extortion Cases Promptly

Featured & Cover Indian American Community Urged by FBI to Report Extortion Cases Promptly

The FBI’s Sacramento Field Office is calling upon the Indian-American community to report cases of extortion, emphasizing the importance of timely reporting to aid in apprehending perpetrators. Several incidents targeting individuals of Indian origin are currently under FBI investigation, with extortionists demanding significant sums of money. When these demands are not met, the perpetrators resort to violence, including targeted shootings at victims’ homes and vehicles.

Acting Special Agent in Charge Mark Remily, leading the FBI Sacramento Field Office, expressed concern over these criminal activities, stating, “Criminals are targeting hard-working, law-abiding business owners and are using thug tactics to extort them in clear violation of the law. We are deeply concerned for the safety and economic security of our neighbors of Indian descent who have been targeted.”

The FBI stresses that such incidents are likely underreported and urges victims to step forward promptly. By doing so, they not only seek justice for themselves but also contribute to the apprehension of those responsible for these crimes.

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