India Urges Canada To Expedite Processing Of Student Visas

India has stepped in and urged Canada to expedite processing of student visas, as recent delays have caused serious problems for Indian families.

The average processing time of visa applications from Indian students to Canada has now increased from four weeks to 12 weeks. On Thursday, India stated that it has urged Canadian authorities to expedite the processing for Indian students. “The High Commission of India in Ottawa continue to be engaged with relevant Canadian interlocutors regarding problems faced by Indian students due to delay in issue of visas,” the India High Commission said.

Dubai has expressed its readiness to host the Asia Cup 2022 cricket games this weekend, including the India versus Pakistan game.

On Thursday, the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) made an announcement that the city was ready to “safely and securely” play host to matches throughout the tournament, which begins this weekend and will last 16 days. Dubai will be hosting 10 of this year’s 13 matches, including the eagerly awaited match between India and Pakistan on Sunday, August 28. The opening game will also be held today, August 27, in Dubai between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

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