India To Host World Coffee Conference In September

India is gearing up to host its first-ever World Coffee Conference (WCC), marking the fifth edition of this significant event promoted by the International Coffee Organisation (ICO). Scheduled to take place in Bengaluru from September 25 to September 28, the conference serves as a platform for fostering cooperation and promoting coffee trade among coffee-producing and consuming nations, with ICO being the primary intergovernmental organization dedicated to this cause.

At a preview ceremony in Bengaluru, the Coffee Board of India’s CEO and Secretary, K G Jagadeesha, revealed exciting news regarding the event’s brand ambassador. Renowned tennis player Rohan Bopanna will be taking on this role, adding further prestige to the conference. The ICO, in partnership with the Coffee Board of India, has taken the initiative to organize this remarkable event.

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One of the primary objectives of WCC 2023 is to provide significant benefits to coffee farmers in India. Mr. Jagadeesha emphasized this by stating, “WCC (2023) is being organized for the first time in Asia and it is set to bring immense benefits to coffee farmers in India.” The global stage that the event offers will enable the promotion of Indian coffees, opening up new opportunities and markets for the farmers in the country.

The central theme of the conference is “Sustainability through Circular Economy and Regenerative Agriculture.” This important topic will be addressed through various conferences, exhibitions, skill-building workshops, a forum for CEOs and global leaders, as well as a growers’ conclave, making the event comprehensive and engaging for participants.

WCC 2023 is expected to draw representatives from more than 80 countries, including producers, curers, roasters, exporters, policy makers, and researchers. The diverse participation from various nations emphasizes the global significance of the coffee industry and highlights the importance of collaboration and cooperation in this sector.

The conference has previously been held in four different countries: England in 2001, Brazil in 2005, Guatemala in 2010, and Ethiopia in 2016. With India hosting the event this time, it not only solidifies the country’s position in the global coffee trade but also showcases the nation’s commitment to the coffee industry’s growth and development.

India’s upcoming hosting of the World Coffee Conference 2023 presents an excellent opportunity for the nation’s coffee farmers to showcase their products on the global stage. The event’s central theme of “Sustainability through Circular Economy and Regenerative Agriculture” reflects the industry’s growing focus on responsible and sustainable practices. With participants from over 80 countries expected to attend, the conference promises to be a platform for cooperation and collaboration among coffee-producing and consuming nations, further elevating the significance of the coffee industry in the global market. As the event unfolds in Bengaluru, the world will witness the potential and growth of India’s coffee trade, fostering new opportunities and markets for the country’s coffee farmers.

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