In “A Choice Of Love,” Dr. Vijay Koli Takes Readers On A Poignant Journey Through The Life Of An Immigrant Girl Caught Between Two Contrasting Worlds

In “A Choice of Love,” a debut fiction, released around the world on major media platforms, Dr. Vijay Koli, a retired physician by profession takes the readers on a poignant journey through the life of an immigrant girl caught between two contrasting worlds. Set against the backdrop of orthodox Indian Tambram (Chennai, India) culture and the allure of the Western world, the protagonist grapples with the conflicting values of her upbringing and the freedom offered by her adoptive country.

Vijay N. Koli, a retired primary care physician and the author of the fiction says, “This is about the children of immigrant families going through trials and tribulations integrating into another culture.”

Avanti, the protagonist, emigrates to America as a teenager as her father aspires to greener pastures. She grew up in a world of unquestioning obedience. A trained Bharatanatyam dancer, she excels as an accountant.

Karthik, another character in the book, is a physician in training for Cardiology. He is an amicable guy, who is adored by his community for his helping nature to other kids. Born and brought up in America, he is a product of the American culture. Sameer, the other character in the fiction is a businessman, who, despite spending his formative years in New York, enjoys only the Indian way of life.

The fiction begins with how the protagonist’s parents get married. Her mother insists that she pursue Bharatanatyam, while her father is focused on her studies. As a teenager, she is exposed to dating and meets individuals with various backgrounds. The crucial moment comes when she has to choose between someone chosen by her family and the love of her life.

With a tender exploration of identity and the complexities of belonging, the author masterfully portrays the inner turmoil faced by the protagonist as she navigates the path to self-discovery. In this heartfelt tale, the author poses the age-old question: What does it truly mean to make the right choice?

Elaborating the objective of writing such a fiction, Dr. Koli says, Many come to America—A land of opportunities to fulfill their dreams. America is at its best as anyone can apply the ‘can-do’ spirit. “The protagonist in the novel is floated between home and the outside world, suppressing her feelings. Away from home, her behavior was congruent with the locals, influenced by her peers. Deep inside, she was a proud Indian who cherished South Indian Tambram culture.”

According to Dr. Koli, “It may appeal to the Indian diaspora, who can relate to it. It may intrigue young adults in India and abroad as the story spans three generations. It is a contemporary romance fiction.”

A CHOICE OF LOVE is a novel looking into the troubled life of an immigrant girl who faces two different cultures: orthodox Indian culture vs. the Western. She is raised in the authoritarian Tambram family in Tamil Nadu. She emigrates to America in her early teens. Her family values clash with that of her adoptive country. She represents a typical immigrant child navigating the trials and tribulations of daily American life. Trying to find her niche, she faces the dilemma of making the right choice for her life partner.

Dr. Koli, who enjoys traveling, reading, speaking, and volunteering, while speaking about future plans and any more books in the making, says: “Yes. My next book with be ‘A DAY ON THE TRAIN TO NOWHERE.’ It is a compilation of short 4-5 stories. The travelers in the train  share their personal experiences only to find a common thread connecting their lives. It will be published in 2024.” .

Dr. Koli, who was born and raised in Mumbai, India, got his medical degree in Russia, and completed his residency in England and Scotland before settling in the United States. He led several medical organizations throughout his career, notably as the President of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI).

Dr. Koli lives with his retired physician wife in San Antonio, TX.  He has performed with his wife folk Danes of India in various countries for three decades. In his younger days he played tabla for the local and visiting artists. He has two children; Anuradha, an executive in Gensler, an International Architecture firm, and Abhijeet, a cardiologist married to a child psychiatrist. He is blessed with two adorable grandchildren.

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