Ayush Enters the Most Prestigious “Eagle Scout Court of Honor”

Ayush Puthyavettle, who graduated from Trumbull high School, Trumbull Connecticut earlier this month, was accorded the highest rank in Scouts, The Eagle Scout of Honor during a solemn ceremony held at the Old Mine Park in Trumbull, CT on June 17th, 2023.

Attended by Scout leaders from across the state, Ayush, the older son of Ajit and Deepa, long time residents of Trumbull, has accomplished this milestone after 10 years of hard work and dedication.

An Eagle Scout rank is the highest achievement in the Boy Scouts of America Program. It represents a significant milestone in a student’s Scout journey. “Today’s celebration is to recognize and celebrate Ayush, my brother, who has earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in Scouting,” said Tejas, the younger brother of Ayush, who was the emcee for the day.

In his greetings, State Assemblyman David Rutigliano, who had come in person to be part of the ceremony lauded the efforts and hardwork that have enabled Ayush to reach this milestone. Rep. Rutigliano encouraged Ayush have the values and lessons learnt over the course of his association with the Scout to stay with and be inspired for the rest of his life.

Describing it as “a significant milestone in my life as I stand before you as an Eagle Scout,” Ayush took the audience back his ten-year Scouting journey, stating “I am filled with gratitude, pride, and a sense of accomplishment. From my early days as a Cub Scout to now achieving the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout, it has been a remarkable journey of growth, learning, and self-discovery.”

Ayush said, Scouting has taught him invaluable skills that go beyond building fires, navigating the wilderness, constructing shelters, and most importantly, “It has taught me how to adapt and make the best of any situation. I have learned the importance of teamwork, leadership, and perseverance. Through Scouting, I have grown both as an individual and as a member of my community.”

During his 10 years at the Scout, he was assigned with leading a group, organizing food drives, weathering extreme conditions, and embarking on challenging hikes. Ayush told the audience. He was part of “impactful service projects, such as leading a landscaping initiative at our local temple. Each experience has taught me not only practical skills but also the true extent of my capabilities.”

While thanking his mentors in Scout who have helped Ayush “instil in me the values through Scouting that will remain constant. The attitude to face challenges head-on, always being prepared, is a principle that will forever stick with me. No matter where life takes me, I will strive to embody the Scout motto: ‘Be prepared,’” Ayush said.

Describing the benefits of being part of the Scout, Ayush said, “Scouting has shaped me in ways that extend far beyond the badge on my chest. It has built a strong foundation of life skills, leadership qualities, and cherished memories. The values I have learned, the friendships I have formed, and the experiences I have had will forever remain etched in my heart.”

Ayush expressed his gratitude to his “parents, who have been my unwavering support system and the driving force behind my Scouting journey. Their love, encouragement, and belief in me have propelled me through the struggles and challenges along the way.”

He was grateful to “the Scout adults and leaders, for your guidance, mentorship, and for being the role models that have inspired me to reach for the stars. Your dedication to Scouting and commitment to helping young individuals like myself is truly remarkable.”

Ayush expressed gratitude to Mr. JC Cinelli, his Scoutmaster; Mr. Spalla, his mentor and guide; Mr. Selva, his mentor; Mr. and Mrs. Gombos, his den leaders; Ms. Crudale, his school  teacher; Mr. Fischer, his former boss at Mathnasium; and Mr. Abrahamson, his first Scoutmaster “for introducing me to the wonders of Scouting and inspiring me to embrace its values and opportunities.”

“As I embark on new journeys and embrace the ever-changing ambitions of life, the spirit of Scouting will remain within me,” Ayush promised. “The values, skills, and experiences gained throughout my Scouting journey will guide me in facing challenges, leading with integrity, and striving to be physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.”

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