Gupta-Klinsky India Institute At Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University’s India Institute has been renamed to honor a transformational gift.

Noted businessmen and philanthropists Raj Gupta and Steven Klinsky made a joint $10 million gift to the multidisciplinary India Institute at Johns Hopkins University. Thus, the Institute will be renamed as The Gupta-Klinsky India Institute at Johns Hopkins University, or GKII. The purpose of GKII is to “mobilize Hopkins faculty, staff, students, and alumni in their research and partnership with government, academia, the private sector, and NGOs across India to advance human knowledge and develop bold, world-changing ideas.”

Indiaspora member Raj Subramaniam will be replacing FedEx founder Fred Smith as the company’s new CEO. Currently, Raj is the President and COO of FedEx. He will assume his new role as the CEO after Fred Smith steps down on June 1. According to the company, Raj will serve as both CEO and president, and Smith will become executive chairman. Smith stated that for the past several years, he recommended to FedEx directors that in the event that he died or was no longer able to continue as CEO, Subramanian should be named CEO. Raj is an Indiaspora Benefactor member.

The Gupta-Klinsky India Institute at Johns Hopkins University! Housed within the University’s Office of the Provost, GKII brings together the Johns Hopkins community – faculty, staff, students, and alumni – and a diverse range of Indian partners to improve society in India and beyond through research, education, policy, and practice.

According to statement by the duo on the website, “Our faculty comprise experts in medicine, public health, education, arts & humanities, business, economics, public policy, engineering, data science, and artificial intelligence.” And they went ton to add: “We work with India’s experts across government, academia, civil society, and the private sector to advance human knowledge and develop bold, world-changing ideas. Our current efforts are rooted in a rich history of impactful collaborations with Indian partners that’s nearly century old.”

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