Fateh Club California Wins ‘Chicago Kabaddi Cup”

Wind blowing on the umbrella of clouds in the sky; sounds of ‘welcome’ to guests from the speaker; people under the tents on the trees and sitting on reclining chairs around the kabaddi field; gossiping somewhere along with gossiping Shugli; See the scenes of Kabaddi Seeing enthusiastic sports lovers and players playing with the claps of the audience with their game; apart from the daring to spend dollars on the waves of the dhavi and the hugs of the jugglers, sport organizations from far and near, socio-religious organizations People associated with C parties; Clubs Sponsors and associates receiving respect from the camera; The photographer taking photos by keeping his eyes on the camera as if he is saying ‘I want to take a photo of you beautiful… ‘; Video and Selfies; Foodie lovers are having fun somewhere and roaring somewhere and during singer Roshan Prince’s singing, Sher-e-Punjab Sports Club Chicago (Midwest)’s annual ‘Kabaddi Cup Cultural fair. ‘

 The fair started with a prayer of thanksgiving to the Almighty. Crowds were starting to turn out, but the fair had ended with plenty of participation until the semi-final match. The pinnacle of the final match was that people got up from their chairs to witness the tremendous sportsmanship of the players. Every single point was enjoyed by many. Many were so excited they couldn’t stop themselves from dancing. Along with the players, the spectators and the club members also became more fast and commentators Makhan Ali and Kala Rashin made the taste of the Kabaddi match double by taking the names of the players and describing the real situation.

Four Kabaddi teams competed in this Kabaddi Cup, including Sher-e-Punjab Sports Club Chicago (Midwest), Sant Baba Jawala Singh Harkhowal, Baba Seva Das North Carolina and Fateh Sports Club California. Final match between Fateh Sports Club California and Sher-e-Punjab Sports Club Chicago (Midwest). Players of both teams tried their best for ‘single-‘ single point, but Fateh Sports Club California bagged the winning cup by scoring three and a half points against Teti.

Several amateur athletes had tattoos on their arms, groves, necks, shoulders and backs. Some players who were constantly playing also felt pain in their muscles and had to seek massage and relieving pain-relieving spray from fellow players.

 When a person who was drinking by standing near the cars hit a Kabaddi player with a drink, he said clearly no, “No brother, hale to match…! “At the same moment a wise gentleman encouraging Kabaddi players made a humble plea that we should advise players to stay away from drugs.” Later, the person who made a deal of peg handed over dollars to the player saying that ‘Keep your pride brother… ‘

In addition, Kabaddi lovers were happy with the game of the players and encouraged them with dollars. Prizes distributed to the winning teams. Kabaddi cup best jaafi Aman kaonke kalan and best dhavi sultan special felicitated by Rajveer Gill of Regal jewellers. There were volleyball matches of children studying in schools, colleges, universities, but more crowd stayed around Kabaddi matches. Volleyball prize fair was sponsored by managing director Amarjit Singh Dhindsa and director Lakhvir Dhindsa. The sponsor of the cultural program was Lakhvir Singh Johal.

The chief guest was Gurinderjit Singh Grewal, a businessman from Madison (Wisconsin). They presented badges to the sponsors and players along with the club members. Club President Amritpal Singh Gill, Club members including Ajaib Singh Lakhan who has been associated with Kabaddi tournaments for the last twenty years – Amardev Singh Bandesha, Deepa Bandesha, Balwinder Singh Chatha, Santokh Singh D. C. I. C. C. Members including Lakhwinder Singh, Jasroop Singh, Parminder Singh Walia, Gurmeet Singh Dhaliwal, Amrit Mangat, Rana Bhandal, Raja Tallan, Parminder Aujla and other members were busy in welcoming the guest house and honoring them hand in hand. Club President Amritpal Singh Gill has thanked the club members, sponsors and guests.

Illinois State Representative Michelle Musman also attended the fair and was specially honored with a poster designed about ‘Contributions of Sikhs in World Wars’ by his Hindu response to the Sikh community.

Apart from pakoras-samosas, jalebi and hot tea along with curry-rice, rajmanah, parantha and naan were present for the fairs. The Kulfian Wala did not have much fun at this fair, as the day was cloudy and cold. Maybe this is why Sophie and the ladies tripped round tea and went past Mood Tarare car doors. Many Shugal remained limited to the fair, but some of the drunkards started to scold.

After the final match of Kabaddi, people walked towards the stage, while some people were already sitting in front of the stage. In Chicago, realtor Jagmeet (Jassie) Singh and Laddi from Philadelphia, Roshan Prince came to the stage to sing, but in order to reconcile with the people, he started to get off the stage and climb on a chair and sing; some of his Started singing back to back. Then he picked up a child and started singing, but the child became uncomfortable and started crying. When he sang “Dance as much as you want, then don’t say that I have stopped the music”, the audience in excitement started dancing too. “Whose cars have red lights… There must be something… Performed covers of other songs including “Suhe Ve Chire Walia” “Kala Doria”. He started to talk and people’s response he went on stage.

 Meanwhile, Roshan Prince invited public-standing singer Jasbir Gunachaurye on stage and shared his share with the audience. Then people got on stage and started taking selfies with him. Even some members of the club started taking pictures of their family members with the singer. Behold, some youths climbed the stage in drunken state, while security guards were also deployed to avoid crowd on stage.

There was a disruption in the singing programme, leaving Roshan Prince and the audience feeling the same, but some club members shunned the youngsters coming on stage in order to control the situation. Security seemed to have become a bit strict. Shortly from behind, a commotion erupted between the youth and the security personnel howling towards the stage. Seeing the situation getting bitter, a security guard sprayed pepper spray that the eyes of two underage boys, including some youngsters standing nearby, were also sprayed and they immediately started wondering.

In this panic, a young man fell next to the sturdy chairs near the stage and crashed into a table with a sound system. Due to severe irritation in the eyes, the condition of the youth, including two boys, also got worse. The singing stopped and all eyes were on the scene due to the chaos next to the stage, but Roshan Prince hurriedly got off the stage in his car.

On the other hand, some people washed the eyes of the victims by pouring water and they started doing some more backbiting. The victims felt some relief only after continuously pouring tears in their eyes for a while. Friends and family of the victims were surrounded by security personnel. The police personnel also reached the spot and, assaulting the situation, began to do tricks to keep the situation under control Friends and family members of the pepper spray victims were lodging a complaint against security personnel with police.

Some people were blaming the security and some were saying that even some of our Punjabi people do not refrain from drinking alcohol in such family fairs. Some people said the security guard should have worked hard, not pepper spraying pepper spray. Hamatad-Tumatad started throwing out their light anger: some against security personnel, some against drunk youth and some songs against the loosened arrangements of time. The infiltration was done and the ambulance also came for medical help.

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