Chicago Community & AAHOA Support Raja Krishnamoorthi for US Congress

With several high profile endorsements already rendered, Raja is further bolstered with Chicago community leader Iftekhar Shareef and AAHOA [Asian American Hotel Owners Association] coming together to bring about greater national awareness of the candidacy of Raja Krishnamoorthi, a democratic candidate for the U.S. Congress from the eighth congressional district in Illinois at an event held on Friday, November 13, 2015 at India House in Hoffman Estate, IL.

Raja Krishnamoorthi thanked community leaders and AAHOA leadership for invigorating new enthusiasm and new excitement in the community in rallying behind his candidacy and added that this gives him a new momentum to his campaign. Raja said “I am running for congress for you and for your families and emphasized that he acutely understands the challenges the families are facing and will fight for their economic security.  He pledged that when he goes to congress, he emphasized “you will go with me to congress to represent the dreams and hopes of each one of us.

Raja Krishnamoorthi thanked the leaders gathered at the event for extending a substantive and meaningful help and said he is deeply committed to working families’ agenda and he will employ his valuable experience both in the public and private sector to strengthen the working families.

Iftekhar Shareef, Principal Host, in his introductory address said Raja Krishnamoorthi bears tremendous promise as the next United States Congressman primarily because he is uniquely and exceptionally qualified as he deeply understands the issues and the challenges the nation and the local communities face.  Iftekhar Shareef added that he will continue to strive to evoke collective community enthusiasm to deliver for Raja the victory he so tremendously deserves. Iftekhar Shareef pledged that our team will remain a driving force in helping put together many more events in order to bring energy and momentum to Raja’s candidacy.

Balvinder Singh another champion of Indian-American community offered his full support to Raja Krishnamoorthi, he endorsed Raja’s candidacy and said that he will work with Washington leadership in mobilizing support for Raja.

Kalpesh M. Joshi, Regional Director [Upper Midwest] of AAHOA and the event Co-Chair earlier welcomed the gathering of community leaders and outlined the commitment of AAHOA in throwing its far reaching robust support behind Raja Krishnamoorthi and added that AAHOA is deeply committed to backing Raja Krishnamoorthi with its resources and networking capabilities to help in reaching out nationwide to bring to bear the tools necessary for Raja to win the elections.

Earlier, Chirag Patel, AAHOA’s Vice President for Governmental Affairs outlined the strategy of AAHOA and its political action committee in channeling the support for Raja Krishnamoorthi because he understands the growing challenges and impediments the hospitality industry faces and  the burdensome regulatory provisions which seriously impedes the business. Chirag Patel said AAHOA recognizes the potential in the candidacy of Raja Krishnamoorthi who can defend the goals AAHOA is committed to.

Keerthi Kumar Ravoori in his brief statement said Raja Krishnamoorthi is gaining momentum among the voters as he represents a new fresh invigorating voice for the Asians to help represent their dreams and hopes. Babu Patel appraised Raja Krishnamoorthi about the challenges business community is facing in the nation particularly the mounting untenable tax burden placed on them.

In conclusion, Raja Krishnamoorthi thanked and acknowledged the event hosts: Iftekhar Shareef, Kalpesh Joshi, Chirag Patel, Balwinder Singh, Ajeet Singh, Harish Kolasani, Keerthi Ravoori, Dinesh Gandhi, Babu Patel, Jagmohan Jayara & Mujeeb Ahmed.

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