Chargrilled Chicken Cafreal

Nothing beats perfectly seasoned juicy chicken legs cooked to tender perfection when it comes to chargrilling bone-in protein. The recipe below is exactly the same but more delicious and healthy for its made in a herby green Goan style marinade using skinless chicken legs. How I developed this recipe- I love herbs and green curries. Traditional Goan cafreal being a green spicy curry, is one among those. But not everyone at my home is a curry person. Chargrilled chicken is family’s favourite. I developed this recipe for I loved the freshness and tanginess of the green marinade and hence wanted to try it for the weekend grill, which turned out to be super good. What’s special about this recipe- Leaner protein- Unlike traditional indian grilled chicken dishes, this recipes calls for skinless chicken legs and thus is less in saturated chicken skin fat. Fresh marinade- The chicken legs are marinated in a fresh ground herb and green chilli marinade with the addition of tangy lemon juice and few spices.  What you’ll need- 4 skinless whole chicken legs (thighs+drumsticks)Half tablespoon turmeric powder10 destalked green chillies 1 inch cinnamon stick1 tablespoon black pepper 4 cloves 1 bay leaf 2 tablespoons ginger-garlic paste2 cups fresh coriander leaves with stems 1 teaspoon cumin seeds Juice of 2 lemonsSalt to taste4 tablespoon oil 

How to make- Grind everything listed above except chicken.Marinate the chicken pieces in it for atleast 20 mins or better overnight in the refrigerator.Chargrill the chicken legs on heated coal on both sides until slightly charred on the outside and cooked through in the inside.Serve hot. Notes, tips & suggestions-. Use 2-3 green chillies lesser than listed for a less hotter version.. This tastes great with fresh red onion salad and yogurt dip. Thanks,CERTINA 

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