A Unique Walk Along The Trail

By  Prof. Jibrael Jos

Emotions cannot be captured
Feelings cannot be framed
Yet we keep on clicking
As we walk along this trail

No one can click
the same river twice
River has changed and
Nature throws a dice

Each cloud is unique
Even blue shades of sky
Trees have grown
The old grass has died

Each group on this trail
Is a bouquet of flowers
Each flower a leader
With potential and power

The universe calls them
To rise and shine
Touch the lives of some
and connect with the divine

Emotions cannot be captured
Feelings cannot be framed
Yet we keep on clicking
As we walk along this trail

The above poem and the pictures are by Jibrael Jos, who currently serves as an Associate Professor and HRDC Coordinator at Christ University in Lavasa, near Pune in Maharashtra.

His Trainings/workshops have come to be well known as “Leadership Retreats in Lavasa with Outbound Training in Lonavala.” These workshops have become popular with thousands of mentors.  Prof. Jose has led and conducted over 300 plus workshops in the recent past. Last year alone, he did 48 workshops for College Students, School and College Teachers and Principals.

Describing his style of leading such workshops that impact and help transform thousands of lives, Prof. Jose says, “I conduct Leadership Retreats here in Lavasa on a regular basis. I take every group that attends my workshops/training for a trek on Day 2, I visit the same place so many times. However, every group is different and hence the experience is unique.”

Lauding the fullest participation and openness and enthusiasm to learn by the participants who come from across the nation, Prof. Jose says, “In two days, this set of school Teachers really rose to the occasion. It was very satisfying to see the slight transformations and spark of belief to make a difference.”

Looking back to his past that has shaped his vision and outlook, Prof. Jos gives credit to Yuvodaya, “The Delhi Catholic Youth Movement inspired me to be a trainer and facilitator.”

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