403 Indian Students Lost Abroad Since 2018: Government Addresses Concerns, Canada Tops List with 91 Fatalities

Feature and Cover 403 Indian Students Lost Abroad Since 2018 Government Addresses Concerns Canada Tops List with 91 Fatalities

The government announced on Thursday that 403 Indian students have lost their lives abroad since 2018 due to a variety of reasons, including natural causes, accidents, and medical conditions. Canada has reported the highest number of fatalities among 34 nations, with 91 Indian students succumbing to different circumstances.

Minister of State for External Affairs, V Muraleedharan, provided this information in a written response to a question raised in Rajya Sabha, stating, “According to the information available with the ministry, 403 incidents of death of Indian students abroad have been reported since 2018.” To address the well-being of Indian students studying abroad, heads of mission/post and senior officials engage in regular interactions with universities and educational institutions.

Canada leads the list with 91 reported deaths of Indian students since 2018, followed by the United Kingdom (48), Russia (40), the United States (36), Australia (35), Ukraine (21), Germany (20), Cyprus (14), and Italy and the Philippines (10 each), according to data submitted by the ministry. Minister Muraleedharan emphasized, “The safety and security of Indian students abroad is one of the foremost priorities for the Government of India.”

He assured that Indian missions and posts remain vigilant, closely monitoring the well-being of students. In case of any untoward incident, prompt action is taken by engaging with the authorities of the host country to ensure a thorough investigation and appropriate punishment for the perpetrators. The government is committed to providing comprehensive consular assistance to distressed Indian students, including emergency medical care and lodging, whenever necessary.

Addressing concerns about the high number of student deaths, External Affairs Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi referred to the increasing influx of Indian students into Canada. Bagchi stated during a weekly briefing, “I don’t know if this is an issue that merits taking up with the government. There are individual incidents where there has been foul play and others….Our consulates do reach out to families; we also take up such cases with the local authorities.”

In essence, the government’s response highlights the tragic loss of 403 Indian students abroad since 2018 and the varied causes contributing to these incidents. The emphasis on the safety and security of Indian students, coupled with ongoing efforts by Indian missions and posts, reflects the commitment to addressing concerns and providing assistance in distressing situations.

Minister Muraleedharan’s assurance of swift action and engagement with host country authorities underscores the proactive approach taken to investigate incidents and ensure justice. Additionally, the acknowledgment of the increasing number of Indian students in Canada as a factor in the higher death toll aims to contextualize the statistics and prompt further examination.

The government’s commitment to consular assistance, encompassing medical care and lodging, reaffirms the dedication to supporting distressed Indian students abroad. The complex nature of these incidents, involving various countries and circumstances, underscores the need for continuous monitoring and diplomatic efforts to address challenges faced by Indian students studying overseas.

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