2 Indian-Americans To Be Awarded At Asian American Unity Conference In Las Vegas

The content and delivery of the programs at the 2022 NCLF in-person conference were offered by AAUC’s various multi-cultural groups, which represent seven or more ethnicities.

he Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC) is hosting the National Civil Leadership Forum (NCLF) 2022 convention at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada from Sept.11–13, 2022. The two-day conference aims to connect Asian Americans who have engaged in noteworthy causes.

Speaking of the event, Angela Anand, vice president, AAUC, said that the conference will have a lot of Indian flavors including Bollywood music and dance along with other Asian communities’ participation. She further added, “I wanted to point out that even in awards and in panels, there is a lot of Indian participation.”

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