Who Is In Liz Truss’s Cabinet Team?

Prime Minister Liz Truss has appointed her new cabinet, hours after taking over at 10 Downing Street. Liz Truss rewarded close allies with top cabinet jobs while removing most supporters of Rishi Sunak from government in a major reshuffle as she took over from Boris Johnson as prime minister.

The bulk of Ms Truss’s appointments are on the Conservative party’s right-wing, dampening hopes that she would try to unite the party after an extremely divisive leadership contest.

For the first time, there are no white males in any of the four most senior positions of the UK government: prime minister, chancellor, home secretary and foreign secretary. Suella Braverman has been appointed as home secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng as chancellor and James Cleverly as foreign secretary.

The new prime minister binned deputy PM Dominic Raab and cabinet colleagues Grant Shapps, George Eustice and Steve Barclay. Former business secretary Kwarteng, a long-term ally of Truss’s, entered the Treasury to replace Nadhim Zahawi.

Following Zahawi’s brief stint in the role, Kwarteng becomes the UK’s fourth ethnic-minority chancellor in a row – with Sunak and Sajid Javid having also held the job in the past four years.

Coffey, the former work and pensions secretary who is regarded as Truss’s closest friend in Westminster, replaced Raab as the second in command after he described Truss’s tax plans as an “electoral suicide note”.

The pair’s alliance is thought to stretch back to their post-university politics days, and was cemented when they were both elected as MPs of near-neighbouring eastern England constituencies in 2010.

Braverman replaces Priti Patel, who announced her departure on Monday before Truss entered No 10 after her home office job was publicly linked with her now successor. The former attorney general ran for the Tory leadership, decrying what she termed “woke rubbish” and pledging to take the UK out of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Truss has made Cleverly – who was shuffled to the position of education secretary as Boris Johnson’s premiership collapsed around him in July – her successor at the foreign office.

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