Live & Exclusive Dr Abha Jaiswal in conversation with Neeta Bhasin Balancing life and career 1

In this video on the occasion of International Women’s Month, Neeta Bhasin interviews Dr. Abha Jaiswal, a Dentist, Master in Sociology and Public Health, she was recognized for playing a pivotal role in supporting her spouse on diplomatic assignments about her career, how she balances career, family and the noble causes she carries out. Dr. Abha Jaiswal is not only an extremely well-known personality in her own way, but she is also known to be supporting her husband Mr. Randhir Jaiswal’s diplomatic assignment in the USA. He serves as Consul General of India in New York. We also came to know about the challenges her growing daughters were facing and how she tries to manage everything by giving them time and her presence when needed. Dr. Abha Jaiswal also touched upon how stress can be controlled with spirituality and how it has an effect on the brain.

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